Are you capitalizing on your most powerful emotion?

by Naveen Lakkur on August 8, 2009


  • Do you want great results?
  • Do you want fame?
  • Do you want a good return on investments?
  • Do you want job satisfaction?
  • Do you want to build a shining organization?

The #1 emotion you need to achieve all this is LOVE.

LOVE is the most powerful of our emotions and if you think about the extraordinary things people do for LOVE, imagine the possibilities if you operated with this powerful emotion every day of your life.

Our emotions are things that we share with others in our social interactions. In the same way that we breathe through inhaling and exhaling, we share emotions through expression and reception, be it positive or negative; empowering or dis-empowering; motivating or de-motivating.

Our expressions give those around us a clue as to our moods and quickly influence their emotion and often we are not even aware of how much we have influenced the situation, as this all happens in the background for us. Have you noticed the difference when you do something with a friend as opposed to someone you don’t like? If you think about it, you will assess that you achieve more when working with a friend and the work is easy, yet for the same task with someone who you despise the emotions get in the way and everything feels long and tedious. The outputs usually also show as poor in comparison.

I will share a lovely story that I heard when I was a kid, I hope you will love it too…

carpenter_3_smThis is a story of an elderly carpenter who had been working for a contractor for 53 years. He had built many beautiful houses but now as he was getting old, he wanted to retire and lead a leisurely life with his family. So, he goes to the contractor and tells him about his plan of retiring. The contractor feels sad at the prospect of losing a good worker but agrees to the plan because the carpenter had indeed become too fragile for the tough work of building houses. But as a last request, he asks the old carpenter to construct just one last house.

The old man agrees and starts working but his heart was not in his work anymore. He had lost his motivation towards work. So, he resorted to shoddy workmanship and constructed the house half-heartedly. After the house was built, the contractor came to visit his employee’s last piece of work. After inspecting the house, he handed over the front door keys to the carpenter and said, “This is your new house. It’s my gift to you.”

It’s important to either LOVE whatever you Do or only Do what you Love. Understanding and applying this simple concept will have your emotions take care of you and not you gripped by your emotions. A book, which I am in love with, by Tim Sanders titled “Love is the Killer App” profoundly conveys this message.

As the carpenter lived to find out, when you act without love for what you do, the consequences show up in unexpected places and without noticing it you are closing down many opportunities for yourself.

For me, LOVE is Life Of Valuable Emotions…let it flow freely in every aspect and moment of your life.

Photo Courtesy: Kimberley Faye at Flickr

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