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Week In Review : Dec 12 – Dec 18, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on December 19, 2010

The Origin of Leaders #4: Self-discipline. Cultivating the habit of completion

by Conor Neill, Dec 13, 2010

The only people who can change the world are those that want to. Many don’t want to. Some want to, but don’t accept the discipline of hard work. Anything you want will never be as hard as you imagine it will be! So, get started and push on through. Do it “just because.” Even if it is a failure as a product, it will teach you. You will come out stronger. more…

Chaos and Complexity #14: What makes Complexity complex?

by Gary Monti, Dec 14, 2010

The hallmark of complex systems is emergent behavior. The components of this behavior are Adaptability, Connectedness, Interdependency and Diversity. It is the responsibility of the leader to maintain a balance among all four variables and each of these attributes must be at the “in-between” setting to create positive tension. more…

Social Media and Tribes #24: Getting better with Social Media – Christmas Wishlist

by Deepika Bajaj, Dec 15, 2010

Social media was a boon for Deepika while she was confined to bed rest after undergoing surgery. She could stay in touch with friends, help others, blog, shop and more. If only Social Media could make you Starbucks and chicken soup:) more…

Flexible Focus #32: Folding the Square

by William Reed, Dec 16, 2010

Origami and general the art of folding is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. This is an essential aspect of Japanese sense of creativity and aesthetics. The reason is that, not only does it result in a host of useful and practical solutions to problems and products, but it also illustrates how many possibilities open up when we work within a certain set of limitations. The Mandala Chart can facilitate the process of connecting discipline and spontaneity through flexible focus. more…

Leader driven Harmony #3: How to make your writing Crisp, Flavorful and Satisfying (Part I)

by Mack McKinney, Dec 17, 2010

Clear, sharp writing is almost a lost art.  And it is sad because to get along in life you must be able to explain yourself clearly. In business if you cannot craft a grammatically correct, well-written document that people find pleasing to read, you will always be working for someone else who can. There are five key considerations in writing: Purpose, Audience, Content, Style and Mechanics. This post is about Purpose. more…

Last week, I went through a surgery and was sentenced to BED REST. Yes. Right, I was “sentenced to bed rest“. I believe God dialed the wrong number for picking someone for Bed Rest. I normally have Bed Rest knock my door every year on multiple occasions and I tell this pathogen that I am not going to surrender and to go find someone else. So, most of the time I am able to escape. This time the buster got me.

So, here I am on two weeks of Bed Rest. First week, the pain killers kept me from staying awake. Second week, I could not make up my mind as to what to do while on bed. I am not much of a TV watcher. Friends kept me a lot of company BUT still a week is a long time (at least I think so). So, it left me with options like reading a book, spending time on internet and writing. The usual ones…and of course! working. Still it is isolating and I needed some external stimulation…

But the more time I spent online, I realized how much I had to catch up on my online activity and discovered some cool things.

Here is how social media was a boon in this time.

  1. A Facebook message informed me that a company where a friend of mine was working got acquired so I wrote to her congratulating her. And we caught up.
  2. A Tweet about my eBook prompted a friend to call. We had so much to catch up on since she lives in the East Coast and is going to launch a magazine early next year. Bear in mind, I have never met her, We are cyber friends. Met on Twitter, did a radio show together and now are friends.
  3. Caught up on some Youtube videos of Eckhart Tolle while reading his new book “A New Earth“. Boy! it was really profound to get his interpretation about the book.
  4. Helped a friend pick lights for his kitchen. Went online to pick some designs and sent him my suggestions.
  5. Ordered Christmas gifts online since I am not able to drive. Made sure that the delivery date was prior to Dec. 24th. Not sure how this one will turn out. Keeping my fingers crossed. My New Years dress is part of this and I am hoping it will fit me.
  6. Shared pictures with friends those were much due.
  7. Chatted with family in India, who seemed to be keeping a tab on me through blog posts and FB updates. A friend of mine called to check on me after a common friend pointed to her to my FB update.
  8. Blogged, blogged and blogged….
  9. Browsed for some equipment I want to buy. Got some refurbished deals that fit the budget.
  10. Downloaded music from iTunes and got my CDs ready for the Holiday season. Music Anyone?

Christmas Wishlist

  1. Social media gets Starbucks on your bed side.
  2. Social media makes you chicken soup.
  3. Social media takes you for a spin.
  4. Social media charges cell phones and laptops.
  5. Social media gives you incentives like reward points for using it.

Well! these are impractical, Maybe. But that’s why it is called ” A WishList”

Week In Review : Dec 5 – Dec 11, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on December 12, 2010

Data Backup: Ignore at your own Peril

by Marc Watley, Dec 6, 2010

You can lose your precious data in a flash just like Marc when he was robbed at gun point. Corporations though seem to live at gun point all the time. Whether personal or corporate data, you better back it up or suffer the consequences. Thankfully there are a variety of solutions for individuals and businesses that offer a wide variety of features. Marc has some recommendations. more…

Chaos and Complexity #13: Earned Value versus Sunk Cost

by Gary Monti, Dec 7, 2010

Chaos and complexity play a huge role when working with schedules. In this article, Gary has a list of measurement scales and the more your project lies to the left of these scales, the better are the odds of creating a credible schedule. That’s when traditional project management tools can be applied and hence earned value can be calculated. What ever it takes, avoid entering the world of sunk cost! more…

Social Media and Tribes #23: Customer service tribe hits a home run!

by Deepika Bajaj, Dec 8, 2010

There is no better PR than a compelling customer service story and that too FREE of charge! That’s the home run that United Airlines scored when Deepika was afforded an wonderful in flight experience. This is an example of how customers are sharing their experiences.  more…

Flexible Focus #31: Mobile Mandala

by William Reed, Dec 9, 2010

One of the best ways to benefit from the Mandala Chart is to put it to use, engage in it physically. There are four primary ways of doing this and the best way is to combine one or more of these for full engagement. Now, doing that may be at your finger tips with the introduction of MandalaChart iPad application. more…

Leader driven harmony #2: Communication by Handshake (Part II)

by Mack McKinney, Dec 10, 2010

Who would have thought there are so many nuances in a handshake? Well, first impressions leave a lasting impression and most assessments of a person is made in the first few crucial seconds of meeting them. So, read this article and practice a good handshake. more…

In a recent trip to Hawaii, I had the most amazing customer service experience in the First Class seating of United Airlines.

Firstly, it is just exhilarating to be going to Hawaii.

Secondly, being upgraded to First Class at the last minute – simply mind blowing.

Finally, having the customer experience that is just outstanding – that takes the cake. If you have been on flights where the personnel are rude, unfriendly, where you are treated like cattle and the service is rubbish, you will get what I am going to say.

As I got on the flight, I saw this pleasant face that greeted me with a smile at 9:30am. She took my jacket and gave me a glass of champagne. Yes, that is one of the reason why Hawaii is a popular destination…As I sunk into the seat and saw the plane take off, I saw miles and miles of ocean underneath. And then before the meal was served the captain had a plan to play a game where the passengers were given Distance and Speed and they had to calculate the Hawaiian time (precisely to the second) when the plane would be mid-way. Then he offered a CD to the winner as a reward. Me and my husband, got into it – the engineer in both of us took over the lazy traveler.

We got our heads into it and the air hostess kept smiling as she saw the passion and the energy with which we were feverishly making calculations. She came to us when we were done and simply smiled and said, “I am going to take your answer to the captain, I want it to be on the top. I am confident you are the winners”. We smiled and just wished that other people will be in a vacation mood.

The time flew, we got done with our meal service and as the plane was about an hour from destination, at that time the captain announced the winner. Alas! we had lost.  We were short by one second to the correct answer. We both smiled at each other as we heard the air hostess break the news to us. Then, all of a sudden, she came over to us and said, “You both deserve a prize”. And then she left. When she returned she had a Chilean Red wine bottle with her and she said, “You were short by one second, you are winners, this is your prize”.

I was amazed at her and thanked her. Her graciousness was commendable. I guess she made me a loyal customer of United. I asked her “How long have been working for United?” She said, “Twenty Years”. I was enthused to see that not only United had retained an employee for twenty years, but also nurtured them to be relationship ambassadors.

Social Media Advantage

And this story becomes part of my series since social media now allows me to thank United and Susie Burns for their extraordinary service. I will be sending a personal email to Susie with a link to this article. Just my way of acknowledging her in today’s social media world. Moreover, @unitedairlines is the twitter handle for United and as I tweet this article with their handle they will get to see this it, so no need to send a “thank you” letter to the customer service department. And it is possible, they might RT it for their ~ 135K followers on Twitter to read – that is pure word of mouth web 2.0 marketing.  Moreover, my FB. twitter and LinkedIn networks will see this.

There is no better PR than a compelling customer service story and this is an example of how customers are sharing their experiences. And that too FREE of charge to United – now that’s what I call a Home Run!

Week In Review : Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on December 5, 2010

Social Media and Tribes #22: Pink and Grow Rich – My thanksgiving gift!

by Deepika Bajaj, Nov 29, 2010

Deepika has released her e-book “PINK and Grow RICH“. If you believe you have to characteristics of a leader or you see yourself as a person who has one reason for not being who you could be, this is a must read for you. more…

Chaos and Complexity #12: Terrorism

by Gary Monti, Nov 30, 2010

Terrorism thumbs its nose at best-practice, top-down approaches. And terrorists are good at it. They create large force multipliers extending beyond the battlefield. They are always looking for tipping points.Terrorists work to make things chaotic (if not random) and committed security team members work to build the bonds needed to trap the terrorist and keep things safe. That is complex behavior. At times the best that security teams can do is reduce the chaos to complexity. This means trade-offs are inevitable. more…

Getting off on the right foot with a neutral business valuation specialist

by Steve Popell, Dec 2, 2010

Collaborative divorce is a splendid out-of-court process that can assist the spouses to communicate more effectively and to negotiate more productively.  If the parties make the necessary commitment to the process, they have a much better chance to maintain human decency, protect their children, and to help the entire family to get on the other side of the divorce decree in one piece. more…

Flexible Focus #30: The 8 frames of life: Home

by William Reed, Dec 2, 2010

Home is the 4th in the 8 Frames of Life of the Mandala Chart. Yet, broken homes, dysfunctional families, domestic violence, and broken hearts are pandemic in our society, an outward reflection of an inner conflict. The Mandala Chart is a comprehensive compass for life, and provides helpful perspectives on themes surrounding our Home. more…

Leader driven harmony #1: Communication by Handshake

by Mack McKinney, Dec 3, 2010

This Series is about life and business and the first topic should be of interest to anyone doing business anywhere –the business handshake. A predictable, firm handshake is an important tool in business, in fact, in life, in general.  A handshake is over in a few seconds yet it helps us reach a number of conclusions about the other person. more…

Week In Review: Nov 14 – Nov 20, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on November 21, 2010

Building a workplace culture that is focused on performance

by Sean Conrad, Nov 15, 2010

A number of organizational practices need to work in sync to effect a change in workplace culture. It starts with hiring the right people for the right job, but does not stop there. You need to have the mechanism to instill corporate values and culture. Coaching regularly and providing continuous feedback will clarify the message and reinforce the culture. Finally, rewarding high performance and dealing with low performance will make the corporate direction all the more visible. more…

Chaos and Complexity #10: Spin and the myth of best practice

by Gary Monti, Nov 16, 2010

Either you have it or you don’t. If you spin, be prepared to fail. The bigger the spin and higher the level of the person spinning, the greater will be the impact. That’s the moral of the story. “Best Practice” is sometimes nebulous and is often misused. In this article, Gary describes what happened to a Wall Street firm because of the CEO’s spin. more…

Social Media and Tribes #21: Bday becomes a Big Day

by Deepika Bajaj, Nov 1, 2010

You must celebrate life. Otherwise, what’s the point of living and working. But as we get more engrossed in our work we drift away from the close friends we used to celebrate with. Thanks to Facebook, we can be close again even if we are far away! more….

Flexible Focus #28: The Principle of Innovation

by William Reed, Nov 18, 2010

How often do you kick yourself and ask “Why didn’t I think of that?”. If it’s any comfort, that’s the case with the vast majority – hindsight is 20/20. But innovation is more about foresight than hindsight. You start with mastering the established pattern and then breakaway to explore variations of what you have mastered. The Mandala Chart in this article will change your approach to innovation by helping you think inside, outside and beyond the box. more…

Cash Bonus: An important companion to the Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) program

by Steve Popell, Nov 19, 2010

In his last post, Steve discussed the structure of a Stock Appreciation Rights Program as part of your ongoing effort to retain and motivate key employees, and as alternative to issuing equity.  For some individuals, such as “hunter” salespeople, the lack of short-term feedback can be a demotivator.  This shortcoming can be remedied by an effective cash bonus program. more…

Social Media and Tribes #21: Bday becomes a Big Day

by Deepika Bajaj on November 17, 2010

This week, I celebrated my Birthday (yesterday – November 16th). Every year on this day, I celebrate it. But the past few years have been quite special. And the credit goes to Facebook.

If you have ever received Birthday wishes on FB, you are getting the drift.

Pre-FB Scenario

I was not in touch with a lot of friends. Some of them parted ways when we finished school and some parted ways when we graduated from college. And so people who you used to celebrate your Birthday with vanished. So, on your Birthday just a small sample of your family and friends who remembered or were in touch with you wished you.

Then there are a few people who forgot about your Birthday. It is hard to remember for people like myself. I am good with names and faces but dates are something I always struggle with. Moreover, even if you remember the date, at times, the time difference gets you. By the time, you make out the time – most of the time (if you have a global family  & friends) you are likely to be wishing Happy Belated Birthday!

Post-FB Scenario

I am in touch with quite a few school; college and work friends. They are getting a notification of my B’day in their FB feeds. Viola! I get a lot of wishes and since they simply get to wish me by posting on my facebook wall, it is time difference immune.

I find this very interesting. When you wake up on your Birthday and see all these wishes, you are pleasantly surprised. Of course! it makes you feel special. The short and brief comments are reminders of all the people who are connected to you and part of this big day with you.

In Conclusion

If you are wishing someone on FB, I encourage you to do so. It is the least amount of effort to connect with someone on their special day. This FB tribe has a way to make the BDAY a BIG DAY for you. Afterall, the party started with the first message… and that too, perhaps, while you were asleep!

I am in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking at the North Carolina Governer’s conference for women. My role is to represent the Asian American women who are 5% of the Total US population.

As I started to think about how to represent this segment, I realized that the American Media has clubbed a large diverse community into one and coined the term – Asian American. There are many sub-groups like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodians, Koreans, Thai and Pakistanis who are part of this community.

And then I started to think of this Tribe as they have come to be known Asian American women Tribe. I started to wonder about their engagement on social media. I did a bit of research and found interesting that there are a lot of channels and organizations that support this Tribe. And most of them  have presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

But here are some cool facts that about Asian American women tribe:

  1. Second largest ethnic group in terms of buying power: Collectively this group had $500 B in buying power in 2009 which is expected to be $700B by 2014. Now, lets look a cosmetic company Avon. They have an Asian American CEO so I wanted to explore how they market to this segment. They have a twitter channel like AvonNewsJPN (in Japanese). The CATCH:  Lack Twitter channels for the Chinese and South Asian community. The Opportunity: To engage this segment who has the buying power and is culturally oriented towards beauty products.
  2. 26% of the minority business owners are Asian American women: If you do a Facebook search with “Asian American women” you find a lot of results. But all these organizations are oriented towards artists, lawyers or philanthropy BUT very few towards business owners.THE CATCH: Business owners need to have presence on FB. The Opportunity: There is a need in this Tribe to build FB pages supporting Asian American business women owners to be able to connect and network among each other.
  3. One third of Asian American women feel they need to play their ethnicity down to succeed in the workforce : This came as a bit of a surprise BUT many studies point to it. The good news is that the other two-third believes that they “don’t” need to play their ethnicity down. I believe there is more emphasis that needs to be put on role models like Indira Nooyi, Andrea Jung and most recent South Carolina Governor Nicky Haley. The CATCH: “Your Ethnicity” needs to be viewed as an advantage. The Opportunity: More content online that speak to this segment in a positive way can help marketers build relationships to 5.3% of consumer market segment with the largest income levels.


This Tribe is ready for PRIME TIME – where they can feel the collective power and presence of their small BUT influential and affluent community.

Week In Review: Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on November 7, 2010

Project Leadership #3: Courage and Stupidity

by Himanshu Jhamb, Nov 1, 2010

Well, you think Courage and Stupidity are two separate categories of actions? May be not. They may be separated by a very fine line indeed. Asking what may seem to be a dumb question or taking a stand for your team in front of your boss may seem stupid. But they may end up saving the project. more…

Chaos and Complexity #8: Governance, Boundaries and managing Time

by Gary Monti, Nov 2, 2010

As a leader you do not have enough time to get involved in every decision the team has to make. Traditional management technique of dealing with individual situations or exception management is not the solution. Applying management efforts across a boundary will decrease the number of interactions a leader must and returns some of their time. more…

Social Media and Tribes #19: Travel tribe takes medieval ages online

by Deepika Bajaj, Nov 3, 2010

Prague still uses the local currency and does not accept the Euro. It lacks a reliable taxi service, among other things a tourist would need. Thanks to social media, in spite of these handicaps, Prague is successful in attracting a fair share of tourists. more…

Flexible Focus #26: Leveraging your time

by William Reed, Nov 4, 2010

We all perceive time in different ways and not all of them are equally powerful. Some approaches are to redefine it as experience or think of it as change. But the first step to gaining a flexible focus on time is to free ourselves from the tyranny of a single perspective on time. more…

The Origin of Leaders #1: Imagination – Developing your most powerful human talent

by Conor Neill, Nov 5, 2010

Imagination is what sets humans apart from animals. We don’t just respond to the world, but can begin to see a new world and thus plan and act accordingly. Especially true for a leader. A leader must see a future that is not yet here. The clearer you can see and touch and feel this potential future, the more compelling you can communicate it to others. So, how can you develop your imagination? more…

I always dreamt of Traveling to Eastern Europe. There was something that lured me to it. I wonder if it was the culture, mystery or the beauty. So, last week when I landed in Prague, I was in a search of why this place gravitated me to it.

Prague is a unique destination where the Travel Tribe of the world converges from all over Europe and United States. This place offers a unique challenge to the travel tribe of currency exchange, (they don’t have Euro – still czeck crown), unrealibale taxi drivers and a lack of a source to find info on tourist attractions. If you are traveler, who plans little and waits for the place to unfold its mystery then you are getting my drift.

But most important feature, is how social media is being leveraged to promote travel to Prague which is totally renovated and almost is a breathtaking spectacle.

Here are some insights of how travel is being encouraged to medieval Europe leveraging social media:

  1. Trendspotting: A new report  recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center reveals that online travel booking in 2009 increased 77.9 percent, a growth rate that exceeds online shopping (45.9 percent), online banking (62.3 percent) and e-mail (29 percent). Many hotels are now part of websites like and to attarct visitors who have a certain budget. The current economic challenges in the market have allowed 3rd party travel agency websites to regain a larger % of online travel distribution.
  2. Bed and Breakfast: In 2009, the global recession from which we are still struggling to surface left us all short of cash, and it was thought that holidays would be one of the first luxuries to go. Not so. People didn’t necessarily travel less, they travelled differently, and, in fact, many of those who lost their jobs took advantage of the career break to fulfil lifelong dreams of travelling the world. All of this was good news for the B&B industry. At, only those who have made bookings are invited to share their thoughts, meaning all reviews are from genuine customers. Also, sites like took off as they offered places to share a room or sublet a room at a discounted price.
  3. What’s next: Aside from accepting advice online, more travelers will engage in creating, rating, and posting personal travel content online. There is no better place than Europe for finding cheap public transport like trains, trams, metros and buses…and they are safe.

So, if you thought travel is a luxury, think again…the new Travel tribe is taking travel to a new dimension…welcome to the connected world!