Flexible Focus #29: Activate your mindset

by William Reed on November 25, 2010

In the art of flexible focus, activating your mindset is the fast track to flexibility. Here I have selected for review eight Mandala Charts which have appeared in earlier articles in this series. Revisiting these articles will help you activate the respective mindsets they describe. They also correspond to the primary eight categories covered in the series, so this review provides an overview of one trip around the wheel, and also reflects the variety of topics possible to address with the Mandala Chart.

The images are assembled in the Mandala shown here, referenced from the articles and downloads below. In the conventional Mandala fashion, they are marked A (bottom center), B (left center), C (top center), D (right center), E (bottom left), F (top left), G (top right), F (bottom right).

Here are a few notes to set your thoughts in motion. For easy reference, and to trigger new insights, download the Mandala Charts and review the original articles from each of the links below.

CLARITY MANDALA (From Flexible Focus #19: Path to the Eureka Moment)

The Path to Clarity is…to walk and to write

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, it has come to symbolize both invention and inspiration, as well as being the invention which lighted up and changed the world. To hold the inspiration of light in your hands is to be engaged in the process of inspired thinking. Remind yourself that this may be more likely to occur on your feet and active rather than sitting and sedentary.

PRINCIPLE OF OPTIMIZATION (From Flexible Focus #20: The Principle of Optimization)

Stop pushing…start pulling

The tiger is loose. How do you go about catching it? This article looks at the process of problem solving by thinking from the end result, and pulling yourself toward it, rather than pushing your way through and creating more problems as you go. Think like a detective, anticipate wisely, and you may find that Murphy’s Law no longer applies to you.

THE EIGHT FRAMES OF LIFE: FINANCES (From Flexible Focus #21: The Eight Frames of Life: Finances)

Move less…Attract more

The pursuit of wealth may be the very thing that scares it away. Learn how to find your path of least resistance to wealth by doing what comes naturally to you, and what you enjoy most, in the process providing enormous value to others. Wealth attraction is both an art and a science, and this Mandala Chart recommends 8 books which can help you on that path. The article also contains some quotes about money that give you perspective with wisdom and humor.

FINDNG FOCUS IN THE FRAMES (From Flexible Focus #22: New Degrees of Freedom with a Digital Mandala Chart)

Go digital…Go analog

This article shows ways in which you can create Mandala Charts in the 8-Frame A-Chart or 64-frame B-Chart format, either digital or on paper. The message is flexibility, and that it is better done than left undone. There are ways to create Mandala Charts easily online or off, and if you print them out you can get the best of both. File them in digital folders or notebooks, and create a reference system so that you can find and review them when you like.

EDO SHIGUSA MANDALA (From Flexible Focus #23: Manners Make the Man)

The Edo Shigusa way…works for us as well today

Japanese culture is filled with treasures which are often hidden from view because of language and cultural barriers. Edo Shigusa is one however which we get intuitively, at least our grandparents probably did, that manners make the man. This article introduces Edo Shigusa as something which contains elements that are universal, and probably therapeutic for people who are stressed and strained in a broken and disconnected society.

LOOKING AT SPACE (From Flexible Focus #24: The Sky is Not Empty)

The Sky is not Empty…what do you see?

Although the same character is used in Japanese to write sky and empty, in fact the sky is anything but empty. This article looks at the reality and usefulness of space, in awareness, in our mind, and in aesthetics. The same character is also used to refer to the universe itself, and expresses a profound and useful concept in Buddhist thought. The Mandala on Looking at Space provides some useful ways to develop your artistic perception as well as a healthy attitude.

Mandala SWOT Chart (From Flexible Focus #25: Assessing Your Situation with a Mandala SWOT Analysis)

From SWOT Cloud…to SWOT Clarity

SWOT Analysis refers to analysis of a situation from 4 perspectives, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is typically done on a 2-dimensional matrix, but this article shows how to move beyond checklist thinking into serendipity thinking. Not only does this produce new insights and perspectives, but it leads you from confusion to clarity.

SEASONS MANDALA (From Flexible Focus #26: Leveraging Your Time)

To every thing…there is a season

We are easily fooled by clocks, calendars, and other peoples’ agendas, into believing that time is a regimented, measured, linear entity. If we look more closely at how we experience time, and in the light of change and mortality just how valuable is time, then we change the way we engage with time and life itself. When we see the seasons of time, and the oceans of opportunity, then we experience and act at an entirely different level.

NOTE: The articles in the Flexible Focus series are updated with graphics, links, and attachments on the FLEXIBLE FOCUS Webbrain, a dynamic and navigable map of the entire series. It has a searchable visual index, and is updated each week as the series develops.

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