The Soul of a Project #23: Watch out for Overtime

by Gary Monti August 28, 2012

Tweet Do you want to succeed? Do you feel a personal responsibility for the project? If you just push hard enough can the project get done? These questions are probably part of your everyday life. Answering them affirmatively is often the hallmark of a successful project manager and can open doors to career success. Taken […]

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Thought Readership #12: Three Simple Steps and The Power of Three

by Liz Alexander August 27, 2012

Tweet Consider how many things we’re familiar with that come in “threes”: Tenors. Magi. Bears. Fates. Virtues. Graces. Snap. Crackle. Pop. There is something magical about the number three, which permeates writing just as much as anything else. This is perhaps why we have three-act plays; a beginning, middle, and end for stories; and sayings […]

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Time for a Change #23: Getting Your Team into Flow

by William Reed August 16, 2012

Tweet Individual and Team Flow No one truly works alone. We all depend on other people to earn and provide a livelihood. But the quality of our work experience, the quantity of our productive output, and the sustainability of our engagement all depend on the degree to which we are able to maintain individual and […]

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Thought Readership #11: Innovation Curation: Scott D. Anthony’s “Little Black Book”

by Liz Alexander August 13, 2012

Tweet Innovation. Barely a day goes by without some piece of content related to that topic dropping into my e-mailbox. Are you finding that? And what about the 385 billion links that Google provides for the search term “innovation”? Or the fact that Amazon lists over 52,000 books on the topic (without getting into sub-categories […]

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Time For a Change #22: Putting Time on Your Side!

by William Reed August 9, 2012

Tweet The Game of Go originated 2500 years ago in Ancient China as a strategy game in which players alternately place white and black stones on the cross points of lines on the board, in an effort to encircle and capture both stones and territory. Strategy is a matter of both calculation and intuition. The […]

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The Soul of a Project #22: When a Lie is The Truth!

by Gary Monti August 7, 2012

Tweet What to do when someone is lying? Answering this question is critical in any environment but is especially so in a changing environment. The organization is at risk to destabilize, the team is disoriented teetering towards falling apart and now a key player is mucking around with the truth and being dishonest. Addressing this […]

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The Soul of a Project #21: Dealing with Imperfection!

by Gary Monti July 31, 2012

Tweet Imperfection is a fact of life. How does a project manager address it? There is a Buddhist concept that just might help – Wabi-sabi. It is very common in Japanese design aesthetics. It is based on acceptance of transience and imperfection. Imagine a beautiful vase develops a crack. One could try and fix it […]

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Time For a Change #21: Reaching the Other Side Without Slides

by William Reed July 18, 2012

Tweet Have you ever kept 200 executives waiting? It isn’t a nice experience, and if you are a presenter it can be something of a nightmare. Some years ago I was the second of two speakers to a group of about 200 executives in a large city in southern Japan. The first speaker used PowerPoint […]

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Thought Readership #10: Why Savvy Authors Never Fear “Giving Away the Store”

by Liz Alexander July 16, 2012

Tweet Have you ever attended a writing workshop were one of the participants doesn’t want to publicly share their book idea because it’s so good someone is likely to steal it? Yeah, right! As avid readers of Acknowledgments pages know, (take a look – they’re incredibly instructive), professionals never think that way. Well-known novelists will […]

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Time For a Change #20: Memes Can Drive You to a Goal

by William Reed July 13, 2012

Tweet According to Wikipedia, a Meme is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” The word was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book, The Selfish Gene (1976). It is based on the Greek word mimeme, the root of the word mimic, and is a play […]

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