The Soul of a Project #29: When is a Strength A Weakness?

by Gary Monti November 20, 2012

Tweet Can you be too strong? The answer is, “yes.” Maybe a better way to say that is, “A strength can be taken too far, to the point where it becomes a weakness.” There is a very good psychological test based on this called The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). The SDI addresses motivation and is […]

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Thought Readership #17: Rock Your Business by David Fishof

by Liz Alexander November 19, 2012

Tweet I’ll come right out and say it: The ideas that most first-time authors’ have for their books suck. Because they’re derivative, unimaginative, and pedestrian. So it’s hardly surprising that most of these uninspiring books die an early commercial death, relegated to a few purchases during that self-employment staple, the “back of room” sale. Now, […]

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The Soul of a Project #28: The Wisdom of Doubt!

by Gary Monti November 1, 2012

Tweet On Apollo 1 what would have happened if someone had asked, “What happens when you combine a spark with elevated oxygen levels in an iron rich environment?” Those 3 astronauts might have gotten to live out their lives telling their grandchildren stories about the early days of space flight. Avoiding Monday-morning-quarterbacking, the question is […]

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Thought Readership #16: Frans Johansson’s The Click Moment

by Liz Alexander October 29, 2012

Tweet There are moments in our lives that change everything. One of mine occurred in 1997 as I was taking a coffee break and flipping through a newsletter from the UK’s Guild of Health Writers. One of the articles mentioned that a boutique publisher was looking for professional writers to author some forthcoming books. One […]

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The Soul of a Project #27: Turn The Peter Principle Inside Out – Focus On the Story

by Gary Monti October 16, 2012

Tweet The last blog focused on pushing through the Peter Principle by building interdependence. The power to move the project forward radiates from this interdependence, which includes power being shared by key stakeholders. That interdependence has a very short half-life. So, the obvious question is, “How is it kept alive and encouraged to grow?” The […]

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Thought Readership #15: #THOUGHT LEADERSHIP tweet – Why Size Matters

by Liz Alexander October 15, 2012

Tweet A while back I was playing “dueling authors” with a guy who claimed to have written 16 books (meaning he won the game!) and said he had two that he wanted to give me as gifts. Initially embarrassed that I couldn’t return the favor, I was stunned to receive a couple of – well, […]

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Thought Readership #14: Toughening Up On Tighter Writing

by Liz Alexander October 1, 2012

Tweet Call me weird, but I often turn to the last few pages of non-fiction books (although never novels!) before making a decision whether or not to read them; what I find is rarely creative. Dan Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us is one exception. He signs off with a handy chapter-by-chapter […]

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The Soul of a Project #26: The Peter Principle – Working Through It

by Gary Monti September 26, 2012

Tweet Do you want to know when you are falling into the Peter Principle and what to do about it? Here is a brief run down helping to predict when the fall could occur: Note: All eight shown on the left are needed for a team to be well rounded and maintain success. If any […]

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Time for a Change #25: Improvement through Optimization

by William Reed September 20, 2012

Tweet When you think of the word Optimization, does it call up images of pushing yourself to make efforts to achieve, or of imagining a better situation and pulling yourself toward it? How you think about it determines how you go about it. You can plant your feet in the past and push uphill, or […]

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Time for a Change #24: New Ways To Finance Your Future

by William Reed September 14, 2012

Tweet When thinking about financing your future, most people think of savings, investing, insurance, or financial planning. These are the disciplines that make up most what we think of as the world of finances. How we manage our money is the core of financial planning, but sometimes it helps to step back and reflect on […]

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