Pink and Grow Rich

ActiveGarage is delighted to present “ Pink and Grow Rich: 11 Unreasonable Rules for Success, an inspiring e-book by ActiveGarage co-founder Deepika Bajaj

Wondering if this e-book is for you?

Here are a few questions to help you figure that out.

  • Are you looking to unleash your leadership potential?
  • Have you been giving yourself perfectly valid reasons for why you cannot be the person you always wanted to be?
  • Are you wondering what does it take to grow as a leader?

If your answer to ANY of the questions above is “Yes“, then Then this book is for you.

Think about it, for all the possibilities that exist in the world, if you give yourself one reason for why you cannot take responsibility to be that person – it makes you REASONABLE.


When Deepika talked to many women leaders and asked them their KEY to SUCCESS. She asked them ONE Question and GOT many answers. In doing so, something powerfully shifted within her. She felt inspired, motivated and empowered. Their self-belief and confidence apart, they were UNREASONABLE.

They took total responsibility of their dreams. They were UNREASONABLE about their demands and requests to themselves and the world. They did not GIVE up or GIVE in.


Deepika, with this e-book can make one promise that if you had one reason for NOT living your DREAM – you will find that with the UNREASONABLE Rule Book – 11 UNREASONABLE RULES of success that will help you OWN your dreams. You will know how to live your life, use your own mind, go toward your dreams that you want to make REAL and SOLID.

The 6C Framework

That’s not all – Deepika went deeper with what she calls “The 6C framework” – 6 common characteristics of  leaders. In this e-book, she shares these characteristics that gives them the energy and vitality to get the work that needs to be done (to achieve their dreams), DONE! She shares excerpts of her conversations with these women that bring to light their passion and commitment.

PINK and Grow RICH -11 UNREASONABLE rules for success touches on what REAL wealth is.  You will read memoirs from “RICH and Famous” who dared to be RICH – like they wanted.

Are you ready to be RICH?

Steps to download the book:

Pink and Grow Rich is available for immediate download in a standard PDF format (approximately 4.4MB in size). Please follow the steps below to get the book:

  1. Click on the download button below. This will take you to the payment page. Please read the instructions carefully & make your payment.
  2. Once your payment is processed, you will be taken to a page where a window will pop up with the option to “Open With” or “Save file” the file on your computer.
  3. Select “Save file” and press OK and save it in the desired location on your computer.
  4. Since the e-book is in a PDF format, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9.4 or above is recommended) installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is available for free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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