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Following is a list of Series published on Active Garage, so far, organized on the basis of the Category or the Primary Business Concern, it addresses. Click on each of the series links below to get to the series and the article of your choice:

Writing for Business

  • Author’s Journey by Roger Parker: Roger, an accomplished coach and leader in authoring business books, takes us on an Author’s Journey, starting the journey with the planning, going through the writing and promoting, to end with how to become Profitable.
  • BLOGTASTIC by Rajesh Setty: BLOGTASTIC is a testament of Rajesh’s generosity to the students who are hungry for learning. Those who know Rajesh know that he believes in “Giving” and “Sharing” – With BLOGTASTIC, Rajesh gives the reader not only powerful tips on  Blogging, but also (among other things) shares how to make your blog “Stick” for a long long time.


  • Leadership Cancers by Gary Monti: Gary, a seasoned Change management & Project management professional, reflects on  common Leadership pitfalls – common not because they are “commonly” known, but because they “commonly” occur in projects. The slightly “candid” title of the series aptly captures the essence of Gary’s message – if these pitfalls are not taken care of, they will (eventually) take care of your projects. Luckily for us, Gary also presents solutions at the end of his posts in this series.
  • Leadership and Mythology by Gary Monti: Gary continues to share his expertise in the domain of Leadership with this fascinating series on Leadership, drawing a parallel with Mythology along the way. He begins with engaging the reader with a direct question : “What is your personal mythology?” and then takes the reader through a mythical journey, exploring the significance of mythology through the end, where he circles back to where he started from and also setting the stepping stone for his next series, Character and Personality.
  • Character and Personality by Gary Monti: This series addresses two leadership traits critical for success – character and personality. Initially, key aspects of both are looked at separately. In the final blog, “An Honest Simplicity,” they are woven back together to emphasize the importance of emotional- and moral integrity in establishing and sustaining long-term, productive relationships
  • Leader driven Harmony by Mack Mckinney: Serious interpersonal conflict between people at the workplace or at home or . . . well . . . anywhere is undesirable. Conflict takes away from our focus on being happy, improving our lives, serving our customers better and providing a superior product or service.  Leaders must establish and foster cooperative, even collaborative environments where everyone feels welcome, useful and part of the team.  Mack shows us how and shares 40 years of experience in working with ALL kinds of people (even that problematic person you are thinking of RIGHT NOW!)
  • The Origin of Leaders by Conor Neill: Leadership development is experimental. We gradually become better leaders given the right circumstances.  In this series, Conor Neill looks at how we can accelerate development as leaders through our life’s trials, turmoils and tribulations.
  • Resilience Engineering by Gary Monti: Success can be elusive and sustained success even more so. In this series, the reader is introduced to the new science of resilience engineering (RE) to explore just what it takes to sustain success.

Flexible Focus

  • Flexible Focus by William Reed: William, a bilingual bestselling author living for almost 4 decades in Japan, takes us on a tour of how to Master the Mandala Chart, an innovative thinking and planning tool which helps you achieve life/work balance with a flexible perspective.
  • Time For a Change by William Reed: Building on and expanding ideas introduced in the Flexible Focus series, this series goes into depth on taking accelerated action to achieve your Goals.

Project Management

  • Project Reality Check by Gary Monti: The purpose of project management is getting the job done. In this series of blogs Gary draws on his experience and presents practical ways of getting the job done when faced with incomplete or missing requirements, arbitrary end-dates and budgets as well as limited resources. If you follow what he says, will you always succeed? No. But, will the frequency of success go up? Absolutely.

Change Management

  • Change Management by Gary Monti: Gary, in his first set of posts on Active Garage, provides insightful tips and shares his wealth of knowledge of Change Management. Gary takes the reader through key concerns of business such as Leadership, Technology and Products (to name a few) in the context of Change Management… which makes for valuable insights that you don’t want to miss, especially if you are interested in Project Management or the PMO office.
  • Chaos and Complexity by Gary Monti: Per Gary, Chaos and Complexity are around us all the time which means that this should be familiar ground. All but the same, it is strange ground, too! From strange attractors that tug on and distort situations to self-similarity where we bond with others to achieve goals the reader is taken on a tour of the terminology and systems that make up the surrealistic world of chaos and complexity.

Spirituality in Business

  • As the Paradigm Shifts by Dr. Rosie Kuhn: Spirituality in business is not a passing trend – it is here to stay! This series of articles form the ABC’s of Spirituality in Business and introduces you to spiritual concepts that invite thoughtfulness into your everyday practice at work. Gentle nudges to cultivate awareness with yourself and your company can be anticipated…
  • Dilemmas of Being in Business by Dr. Rosie Kuhn, explores aspects of corporate and business life, which allow a deeper investigation of what could be conflicting commitments in your life, and how to navigate choice-points in service to your highest truth and the highest good of your organization and all of those associated with you.