Flexible Focus

William Reed, a bilingual bestselling author living for almost 4 decades in Japan, takes us on a tour of how to Master the Mandala Chart, an innovative thinking and planning tool which helps you achieve life/work balance with a flexible perspective.

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Following are the already published posts in this series:

Mastering the Mandala Chart

Flexible Focus #1: Inside the Mandala Chart – A zoom lens for your life

This introductory post provides answers to the fundamental questions on Mandala Charts and sets the context of what the author means by “Flexible Focus”.

The Mandala Chart comprises of 8 sections, each section divided into various topics. Each section/topic will appear below as soon as the relevant post is published:

The Art of Flexible Focus

The framework of Wisdom

The 8 Frames of Life

Mandala Tools


Thinking Inside the Box

The Temple of Templates

Art of Abundance

Summary Section:

Following are the summary posts:

Bonus Section:

In this section, William Reed provides bonus material to go along with this cool repository of Mandala knowledge!