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The Entrepreneurial Switch

by Guy Ralfe on December 23, 2009

do-not-sit-on-the-fenceFor many entrepreneurship is scary, I found it that way for a long time until I found myself in the right environment. Initially I envisaged entrepreneurship as finding the right idea, quitting your job and following your nose with your new idea. For the longest time I just seemed to miss the idea.

In a way it is a bit like approaching getting married. You love your girlfriend and want to spend the rest of your life together, you see your friends and family getting married one by one around you and they all seem happy. However, I was still apprehensive about what was going to happen after I got married. Were all my married friends suddenly engulfed by the “married spirits” and sworn to secrecy. What was the world like after taking those vows? Were they just waiting for me to fall into the same trap?

Of course not! What was I thinking looking back now? The reality was that I just did not have the knowledge or experience of what were the standards and criteria for operating as a married couple. I didn’t even know where to look to find the answers. Yes I saw my parents with 30+ years of experience but it did not occur to me that that would be the same for me. In fact what I didn’t realize was that the actual answer to this mystery was actually my parents, as the background of what it is to be married is shaped by those around us, that we observe. Our interpretation of that is how we engage in a married relationship – of course your spouse also has her background of what marriage is and so the interaction of these two visions is what drives the resultant actions we hold in marriage as a couple. So far so good and in many ways our actions seem to be exactly how our parents acted with us.

There are no magical entrepreneurial spirits out there but there are different ways of overcoming the apprehension. Many entrepreneurs just find themselves in the situation and their story is just how they dealt with the situation. A bit like a couple after a steamy and risky night, suddenly find themselves dealing with the situation of becoming parents, they just have to deal with the situation.

The remaining entrepreneurs are in two camps: those waiting / planning and those executing on fulfilling their ambition. Those waiting for the right moment, big idea, perfect plan etc will remain that way unless something around them changes. I was in this group for a long time, I know what it is like. For me the ambition was there but the desire was just not strong enough to quit and start out on my own. I recognized that I still had many knowledge gaps and a lack of capacity to act, which all compounded the risk to start executing. For me I needed the organization, to help me cover these knowledge gaps and with the team at Active Garage I have been able to execute on an entrepreneurial venture I could not have imagined on my own.

From me this is a thank you to the Active Garage team for making this venture possible. To those of you on the fence, waiting for the right something. Stop waiting and seek out the help in the areas that you have apprehension – those are the knowledge gaps you have to close before you can move forward. Happy Holidays!

Announcing Defiant! – A Social Media Project

by Rajesh Setty on August 31, 2009

defiant_spreadsWe are pleased to announce the launch of an eBook –

defiant: Practical Tips for Thriving in Tough Times

a social media project.

The entire project was influenced and powered by social media. A few months ago, I reached out to people (or peeps as they say on Twitter) via my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter asking them to contribute one or two ideas/insights that will help people thrive in these tough times.

Long story short. More than 50 people contributed about 80 ideas and insights. You can see these ideas in Appendix III of the book. I am grateful to all the contributors (listed later in the blog post)

Get the Book for FREE

The eBook is FREE and there are NO strings attached. Just click the button below and enjoy!

( And, if you like the book, PLEASE spread the message about the book and help us by helping others.)


Contributors (in alphabetical order)

I want to thank all the contributors for helping make this project special and also demonstrating the power of social media.

1.    Abi Kariguddaiah (Link points to LinkedIn Profile)
2.    Aloke Gaur (Link points to LinkedIn Profile)
3.    Ari Samy (Link points to LinkedIn Profile)
4.    Arun Nithyanandam (at Arun Says)
5.    Badri Narayanan (at Compassites)
6.    Bill Sherman (at Aha-Moments)
7.    Boris Glants (at Sibyl Vision)
8.    Charles Schultz (at Vconomics, author of Game Testing All-in-One)
9.    Christine (Chris) Brown ( at Marketing Resources and Results)
10.    Chris Garrett (at ChrisG, co-author of Pro-Blogger)
11.    Darrell Z. DiZoglio (at Righteous Resumes Delivers Real Results)
12.    David Bookout (at Effetti Growth )
13.    David Zinger (at Employee Engagement Zingers)
14.    Deepak Kamlani  (at Global Inventures )
15.    Dilip Saraf (at Career Transitions Unlimited)
16.    Durjoy (Ace) Bhattacharjya (at Athletes Performance)
17.    Gautam Godhwani (at Simply Hired)
18.    Ginny Kisling (at Resumes by Ginny)
19.    Jamie Gold (at Money Allocator)
20.    Jim Parker (Link points to LinkedIn Profile)
21.    Jim Pawlak, nationally syndicated columnist
22.    Joseph Blank (at Virsalent)
23.    Kenneth Young (Link points to LinkedIn Profile)
24.    Kevin Eikenberry (author of Remarkable Leadership)
25.    Kiruba Shankar (author of upcoming book CrowdsourcingTweet)
26.    Lisa Haneberg (at Management Craft, author of “Hip and Sage” and 7 other Management Books)
27.    Liz Strauss (at Successful and Outstanding Blog)
28.    Mark Richards (at Candidate’s Chair)
29.    Mark McGuinness (at Wishful Thinking. Mark is also the co-founder of Lateral Action)
30.    Michelle Awuku (at My Factor Coach )
31.    One Nanometer (at Digital Electronics Blog)
32.    Phil Gerbyshak ( Phil is the author of 10 Ways to Make it Great)
33.    Promise Phelon (at UpMo)
34.    Rajesh Kannan (at Compassites)
35.    Ram Narasimhan (at An Experiment in Retirement)
36.    Rita Ashley (at JobSearch Debugged )
37.    Robert Sher (at CEO to CEO. Robert is also the author of “The Scent of the Deal”)
38.    Rosa Say (at Say Leadership Coaching)
39.    Sameer Vyas (at Pentominium)
40.    Seth Godin (Author of Tribes and a number of other bestsellers)
41.    Shankar (at Positive Ruminations)
42.    Soubhagya Senapati (at Blackout-World of Failed People)
43.    Sree Nagarajan (at Colligent)
44.    Sterling Lanier (at Vistage International )
45.    Terry Jansen at PSVillage
46.    Tanmay Vora (at QAspire Blog. Tanmay is the author of upcoming book QualityTweet)
47.    Tom (at Ramblings of a Non-Conformist)
48.    Usman Sheikh
49.    Vinayak Kamat (at Stack Panel)
50.    Valli Bindana (at Kreative Vistas)
51.     Yakov Soloveychik (Link points to LinkedIn profile)

The Project Team

Special thanks to Wondrack Design and Stresslimitdesign for making this project a reality. And, thanks to Bill Sherman at Intulogy for all the coaching and guidance from the initial stages of the project.