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Is using Social Media an impediment to your Organization?

by Himanshu Jhamb on February 8, 2010

Au Contraire, it can lead to improved productivity and branding.

First and foremost, let’s get one thing clear about Social Media. It is not just a tool, or a tactic or even a strategy. It is simply a channel for having online conversations. Depending on if you know and intend to use it purposefully or not, it can increase productivity… or not. There are two kinds of stances organizations that do not believe in the power of Social Media take when it comes to using Facebook or Twitter, at work.

  1. Employees will be distracted. They’ll spend too much time on these sites and it will be an impediment to the actual work. So, they should not have access to these at work.
  2. Social Media is not useful at all. I don’t want to know when someone is going grocery shopping or cleaning his car.

The issue with the first stance is simply not about social media. It is about ethics. Just like you shouldn’t be browsing the internet for 7 hours a day in your 8 hour workday and you shouldn’t be chatting on the phone about your favorite football team with your buddy for the better part of your workday, you shouldn’t be using the different social media channels for extended periods of time. Blocking the websites wouldn’t do a lot of good if the people in your organization are looking to spend the majority of their working hours elsewhere. You might want to look at “Why are they distracted”? more than “What distracts them”?

The issue with the second stance is simply ignorance and a fixed way of thinking about social media. There are some Social Media Rockstars who have branded themselves impeccably using the various social media channels. It does not mean they have never got subjected to online conversations about grocery shopping from other folks. It simply means they have been participating and contributing to the social media space purposefully and with an open mind. They do not allow themselves to be led by popular opinion. They are in the department of changing the popular opinion… or even being a source of a new one! There is a reason why companies like CNN, BestBuy, Dell and JetBlue continue using Twitter and the reason is simply that were ready to experiment and they’ve found a way to make it work for whatever it is that they are after. Contrary to popular belief, these companies not only use Twitter as a channel to market their offers but also to have online conversations with their customers which, mind you, involves listening to the customer’s concerns and then engaging with them by taking action to best take care of them.

Regardless of your organization’s stance on Social Media, Social Media is here to stay. It’s not any different from any new practice or technology that is invented. About 30 years ago or so, with the advent of computers, we got a real taste of what machines can do from a small microchip. About 20 years ago or so, we got a taste of what connectivity means with the advent of the internet. Perhaps it’s time for organizations to give up their rigidity on Social Media and leap into this new decade with a sense of exploration and genuine intrigue to see what conversing online means with the advent of this dangerous opportunity (Social Media).

How Brands Can Leverage the Power of Twitter

by Robert Driscoll on May 21, 2009

Yes, Twitter is all the rage these days. Everyone seems to be using Twitter but there are two distinct camps of users, those using it to produce noise about themselves and their opinions, the other using it to produce value.

What some businesses are beginning to understand though is the power of Twitter in spreading a message to the masses and creating instant feedback, fast. Many companies use it to alert their customers about current events. Others use it to get feedback on new products that they’ve launched.

This can be a powerful tool, if used properly, in not only increasing your business’ brand, but your sales as well. Look at the results from Dell this past February when they offered their 12,000 Twitter followers an exclusive discount for one of their laptops. $1,000,000 in sales! (read: Sarah Milstein’s review at O’Reilly Radar: Twitter Drives Traffic, Sales: A Case Study) Last month, Land Rover became the first national brand to execute a national Twitter campaign in a bid to promote its newest models’ debut at the New York Auto Show.

While the right message can help your company, at the same time, you have to be careful when using Twitter as it can just as easily hurt your companies brand if the wrong image is portrayed from your tweets. Remember, tweets are instant and for everyone to see and comment on. Used properly though, Twitter can be a very powerful sales and marketing tool that is very cost-effective in reaching a large audience. Businesses are just now beginning to understand the benefits and marketing power of Twitter.

Tweet responsibly!