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Can’t Sell? Maybe its in your head

by Robert Driscoll on July 30, 2009

In-your-headIn 2009, many salespeople feel that with the economy struggling to recover and with constant news of the unemployment rate rising every month, it is impossible to make a sale.  They feel like their company does not care for them anymore and that they will be replaced and therefore the drive to succeed has been replaced by the fear of losing. 

If you look at the unemployment rate from January 1998 thru June 2009, the figures are frightening.


This is how a company’s sales should look, not the unemployment rate.

The reality is that in order to survive in today’s marketplace, companies still need to make sales.  Sales are what allow a company to pay for its expenses and to continue to innovate by creating new offers in the marketplace.

So how do you succeed in today’s marketplace?  Here are some “thinking” points:

1. Cash Flow: Your customer’s cash flow has most likely decreased in 2009. In today’s sales environment, don’t focus on the features of your product or services. Every department within a company today is competing for scarce funding resources. Focus on how your offer will decrease their expenses and/or increase their revenue. You need to be able to show your customer how your product or service will address their concerns in turn helping them get the internal approval to fund your project

2. More Decision Makers: Every dollar being spent within an organization is being scrutinized today. When presenting your offer to your customer, always make the assumption that a financial decision-maker is in the meeting, regardless if they are present or not. Sooner or later they will be

3. Help your customers fight the fear: Most customers today are taking longer to make a decision. Recessions create a tremendous sense of uncertainty. This fear of uncertainty not only freezes your client’s decision-making, but their budgets as well. Understanding your clients concerns and articulating to them how investing in your product or service will help them succeed in today’s marketplace will help them in their decision-making process

Every organization needs a sales strategy to not only help increase their sales but overtake their competitors who are in a recession paralysis. Show your customers how your offer will help them in their plan to success and in turn you too will succeed, but it all starts in your head.