Week In Review – Apr 25 – May 1, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on May 2, 2010

Achieving IT Financial transparency with activity based costing

by Brian Superczynski, Apr 26, 2010

Rather than representing IT budgets in dollars and cents, it will help business leaders and IT leaders in an organization to better allocate resources and drive efficiency if the costing is based on region, function, portfolio, business units, etc. This will also pave the way to compare costs across the organization. more…

Leadership Cancers #7: Hubris and the Titanic

by Gary Monti, Apr 27, 2010

A succession of successful endeavors can create an environment where powerful people exhibit extreme arrogance (hubris). This will lead to disaster. Gary explains this beautifully via the story of the Titanic. more…

The Model Leader

by Robert Driscoll, Apr 28, 2010

Ever wondered what is leadership? Robert has done an excellent job summarizing it in a nutshell! Great article… Leaves you wondering if Robert is going to be posting a series that elaborates each of the areas in this article. more…

iPad: Faster than a speeding gurney

by Marc Watley, Apr 29, 2010

I was wondering what took so long for an iPad article to make it to ActiveGarage… Thanks Marc! If you have not touched and felt one, you should. 700-551 dumps It’s got tremendous potential in all fields including the medical industry, particularly in hospitals. more…

Author’s Journey #19: Create an online hub for marketing your book

by Roger Parker, Apr 30, 2010

If you want to harness the Internet to promote your book, you must have a blog-based web presence. This will provide you the ability to make updates on your own and eliminate the costs and delays associated with outside designers. You will need only basic word processing skills to do this. 500-452 dumps Moreover, a lot of these technologies are available for free! more…

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