Week In Review – Aug 24-30, 2009

by Magesh Tarala on August 29, 2009

7 Kinds of Relationship to Social Media

By Rajesh Setty August 24, 2009

What is your opinion of social media and what is your relationship with it? Some people despise it and some people know how to dance with it. In order to expect reasonable ROI from social media you need to invest in it. Read this article to understand the different levels of relationship you can have with social media and how to leverage it effectively. More…

Five Elements of Corporate Governance

By Rajesh Kannan August 25, 2009

Governance is a necessity even for the universe. Read this article to understand the five basic tenets of corporate governance. More…

How and Where to Leverage Your Power

By Guy Ralfe August 26, 2009

Business a game of power. And power is relative. Read this article about a practical example of how to be the big fish by choosing the right pond. More…

Ask for Help and Free Your Mind

By Robert Driscoll August 27, 2009

Everybody needs help. But not everybody is adept at asking for and getting help. Read this article about a personal experience of the author and what he learned about seeking help. A very helpful article indeed! More…

“Perfect” the Enemy of the Good?

By Thomas Frasher August 28. 2009

Innovation is essential for business. But when you innovate a new product or service, you need to listen to your customers. Also, more importantly your innovation should be a next step in the evolutionary process of the product. If you make it too advanced, you will not have a market. More…

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