Week In Review – Oct 11 – Oct 17, 2009

by Magesh Tarala on October 18, 2009

The Blinding Task Orientation

by Himanshu Jhamb, October 12, 2009

When we are working hard to accomplish whatever we are trying to accomplish, it is easy to be blinded to why we are performing the task. The ultimate purpose, which is to provide help to others, takes the backseat. When our actions are geared towards simply making sure the task is complete so that we can check it off in our list, the value produced is greatly diminished. In this article Himanshu narrates a situation he experienced recently and provides some ways to avoid this situation and make your actions more powerful. more…

Dirty Dozen #2 – Status Quo

by Rajesh Setty, October 12, 2009

This is part 2 of the “Dirty Dozen” series by Rajesh Setty, mentor of Active Garage.

When you were young, you did not like status quo. When you were a baby and were struggling to walk a few steps, you were persistent and did not give up until you were able to walk. You were very much in favor of change that would give you “growth” when you were young. But why is it we start getting comfortable with status quo as we grow older. Read this article and gain great insight into how to avoid this in your life. more…

The NEW World!

by Deepika Bajaj, October 13, 2009

Our world has been continually evolving. With the advent of globalization, technology and internet, we are now embarking on the phenomenal growth of the virtual worlds. Read this article to find out how the real world and virtual world are coming together to create a NEW world. The world has not become small – it has expanded and has multiple dimensions. Are you present Virtually? more…

Dirty Dozen #3 – Complacency

by Rajesh Setty, October 13, 2009

Complacency typically sets in after a reasonably significant accomplishment. If you rest on your past accomplishments, it could turn into overconfidence and result in arrogance. Remember, life is a journey and you are only as good as your last accomplishment. The antidote to Complacency is Hunger. Replace Complacency with Hunger and watch miracles happen. more…

Get Out of the Forest, Onto the Hill

by Guy Ralfe, October 14, 2009

In a previous post, Himanshu addressed the blinding effects of task orientation. In this article, Guy explores the implications it has on Projects. It is not uncommon to see people struggling through a project, but not doing anything to address the situation. What happens is, we become attached to the strongest story at any time and we interpret that as a reality from which we build up perceived truths about what can and can’t be done. These truths build up on top of each other and become like walls that start to channel our thoughts into a narrow passage of possibilities when in reality all the possibilities still exist. more…

Dirty Dozen #4 – Mediocrity

by Rajesh Setty, October 14, 2009

Do you choose to be mediocre? Is there a standard for mediocrity? The answer is No. Mediocrity happens when somebody else comes along and establishes a higher standard. If you choose to go the extra mile, you can avoid the dogfight in the mediocrity zone and enjoy a smooth drive. Mediocrity is dangerous and could kill your career. So, wake up and remove this from your life. more…

The Balancing Act of Innovation and Revenue Growth

by Robert Driscoll, October 15, 2009

Innovation is not free – it costs money. There are ways to grow your revenue without innovation, but it could come with intangible costs. For instance, AT&T has been able to achieve revenue growth by providing flat rate data services. This has affected service quality in some parts of the country. The risk with this strategy is that customers may start defecting to other providers with better quality of service. more…

Dirty Dozen #5 – Indifference

by Rajesh Setty, October 15, 2009

The dictionary meaning of Indifference is “Lack of interest, concern or sympathy”. It manifests in several ways and almost always it will adversely impact you. When you are indifferent, you are unable to take a stand. Taking a stand is one of the most important characteristic of a leader and entrepreneur. Being indifferent also diminishes your intensity, which makes stars into superstars. So, stop being indifferent, take a stand and become a superstar. more…

IP Strategy – Part II

by Thomas Frasher, October 16, 2009

In Thomas’s previous article he discussed the need to create a cohesive IP strategy, in this article he discusses the first step in creating your strategy. He gives some guidelines on strategy creation – some dos and donts that will save you time and energy. As always, you will need help in these specialized areas. When you do get help, make sure you get the best possible help. more…

Dirty Dozen #6 – Impatience

by Rajesh Setty, October 16, 2009

Now a days, we have started equating “long term” to “slow.” In reality, these are two entirely different things. You cannot make a baby in less than nine months. Similarly, good things in life take time – you cannot simply will for things to happen and make your wishes come true. So, what ever be your ambition, make the right investments and be patient. more…

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