Week In Review – Sep 7 – Sep 14, 2009

by Magesh Tarala on September 13, 2009

Start Early, Drive Slowly And Reach Safely

by Naveen Lakkur, September 7, 2009

Entrepreneurial journey needs the same characteristics to be successful just like any other journey you undertake. This article brings forth the some key aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. More…

Who’s holding you hostage?

by Mark Goulston, September 8, 2009

Whether at home or work, you often have to handle difficult people. You have tried and failed. Think of this as a hostage situation, because you can’t get free. You’re trapped by another person’s resistance, fear, hostility, apathy, stubbornness, self-centeredness, or neediness—and by your own inability to take effective action. Read this great article and learn to deal effectively with difficult people. More…

Manage Your Brand Online Like You Would Manage Cancer

by Guy Ralfe, September 9, 2009

Early detection of the disease gives you better odds at curing it. The thing to do is, even if you do not have the disease, you have to get yourself checked periodically. Similarly, you need to monitor your online brand – not just what you are saying, but also what others are saying about you. This will enable you to take timely action. More…

Moving Up The Sales Ladder

by Robert Driscoll, September 10, 2009

Sales people often think that once you make a sale to a customer, you have opened a space of possibilities for future sales with them. This is only partly true. This article creates distinctions of the types of relationships your customers have with you. Only when your customers recognize you as a Trusted Partner, you have climbed to the top of the sales ladder. More…

The Power Thank You

by Mark Goulston, September 11, 2009

We are usually polite and thank others for any help or favor they provide. But have you thought about how you can strengthen your relationship with the other person when thanking them? Learn about the three step process to making the Power Thank You and also read a practical example. More…

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