BLOGTASTIC: The secret recipe for blogging success

by Rajesh Setty on November 30, 2009

blogtastic_coverThis is part of the the book BLOGTASTIC! Growing and Making a Difference Through Blogging. You can read the table of contents and follow the book on this page:

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The secret recipe for blogging success

If you’ve taken steps to become a blogger, perhaps you want to achieve some mix of fame, fortune, and influence. If you ask each of the top 100 bloggers how they became successful, they’ll provide their own perspective.

Take a look at my hero Seth Godin’s blog and search on any topic related to marketing. You will get a bunch of highly valuable and relevant articles. Insights that you can use today.

Or take a look at Lifehacker, a website dedicated to helping people make the most out of everyday technology. If you use computers and you visit this blog once, you will be addicted to it.

In both of these examples, the authors recurrently provide relevant and remarkable content

I call it the Blogger’s Principle of 3Rs.

Recurrently provide Relevant and Remarkable content.

Winning in the long-term will never rely on one single idea or strategy. What works today may not be sufficient to win tomorrow. Since breathtaking change is the only constant, I can almost guarantee that today’s strategies will become out-of-date in a year.

Your key is to find out the right combination of ingredients (strategies, tactics, ideas etc.) that will give you the results you will need for success today. With some trial and error (and some good advice), you will be able to find a solution that works for you. However, this winning combination will change as the marketplace changes. No single strategy blogging will stand the test of time.

Blogging Tip: Relevancy changes with time. So get comfortable with change.

As an individual, you have limited influence on how the marketplace behaves. However, if you are very comfortable with change, you can adapt and deliver whatever the marketplace considers valuable today.

When you become comfortable with speed and change, you will have an unfair advantage over others. Most people resist change or wait for the right moment to take action.

This book and other blogging books may give you the tips and techniques you need to take your blog to the next level. However, you should always be careful when accepting advice. We will talk about how to make the most out of the help available out there.

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