Can YOU Start a Part-Time Business and make it Highly Successful?

by Vijay Peduru on December 1, 2009

thinkingA lot of us want to start a business, but we cannot leave our full-time jobs, because we need to take care of family.. mortgage.. monthly expenses etc. Is there a way out. yes there is .. and here is the good news

According to the data from the U.S. Department of labor, three-quarters of those who start new business are also employed in wage-and-salary jobs at start-up.. and some 60% of new firms begin at home.((Source: Doug Hall‘s book – Jump start your business brain )

Some of the largest companies which started as part-time and became hugely successful are..

1. Ford motor company : Henry Ford worked in Edison Illuminating Company ( now GE) under Edison, while he worked on building cars when he was not at work.

2. : Pierre Omidyar the founder of ebay worked for about 9 months in a full time job, while he started and ran as a part-time business

3. Craig Newmark founder of worked full-time for about 3-4 years .. while he ran craiglist part-time

In the last 10 years, due to advances in technology the cost of infrastructure has fallen down so low, it has become easier to start a business thereby moving a dream to reality. The problem is not money anymore, For less than $1 a month, we can start a blog, for about $5 a month we can start a niche social network

So, What is stopping you.. is it an absence of an intense desire?..

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