How to handle any situation

by Vijay Peduru on April 1, 2010

Our lives are made up of a series of situations.  How we handle each situation determines how our lives shape up. If we handle each situation well, our lives seem fulfilling, if we don’t, we end up living lives that we usually define with words like stressed or dull. Well… Imagine how you would define your life if you had answers to all situations that occur in your life? Wouldn’t that be simply phenomenal!

I was watching the brilliant,  multi-talented Ben Zander’s video and he talks about how to handle any situation. Per Mr. Zander, there are 3 ways of going about it:

1. Resignation

2. Anger

3. Possibility

An example he gave in his speech went as follows:

Let us say you went to a restaurant and you witness a kid’s birthday party.  Everyone in the party starts singing the “happy birthday” song like a chore..dull and boring.  You look at the situation and can do 3 things

1. Resignation : You think people don’t change, that’s the way the world works

2. Angry: You say..These dull, boring people, can’t they know how to sing?

3. Possibility: You go to the party and take charge, Be the conductor of the orchestra.  I am sure, the birthday kid won’t forget this experience and the others too would have experienced a little liveliness in them.

Now, imagine applying this to your business or the work you do… well! that’s a situation, isn’t it?

Do you go to your work in resignation, anger or do you show up as a possibility. That is… do you show up as a possibility for leadership, a possibility for being the conductor of you being productive? If you do… your boss, your employer or your customers will be like the birthday kid who won’t forget the experience… and of course, the others around you will experience a little liveliness, too!

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