Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. All you have to understand pt.4

by guest on April 23, 2021

Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. All you have to understand pt.4

The most truly effective 5 Lotus intercourse place variants to test

Think you’ve mastered the Lotus intercourse place in most its glory?

Reconsider that thought. The Lotus that is classic sex just scratches the outer lining of what’s possible!

Listed below are five of this IDEAL lotus sex position variations ranked from easiest to your most challenging!

Will they are tried by you all?

1. The Pitcher’s Mound position

Even as we pointed out earlier in the day, while using the Lotus intercourse place in a seat makes it RIDICULOUSLY simple! That’s why the variation that is first of lotus intercourse position make an attempt may be the Pitcher’s Mound!


He sits for a sturdy seat with their feet somewhat aside along with his foot on the ground. She straddles their legs and reduces by by herself onto her partner’s erect shaft. She holds on the straight back of this seat for help as he supports her sides together with arms. Utilizing a lifting that is coordinated thrusting action, they begin to have sexual intercourse.


  • This woman-on-top position that is facing you most of the great things about the Lotus place and never having to twist, strain or perspiration it away!
  • She gets amazing clitoral stimulation while the seat provides added stability, causeing this to be position really sizzle!
  • You deeper thrusting action that the standard lotus position if you’re a guy who loves to thrust, this position gives!


  • Purists would argue that this place does not supply you with the closeness and strength associated with genuine lotus intercourse place, but who’s judging, right? This position that is edgy OPTIMUM pleasure so simply flake out and have now at it!

2. The Louise

LOVE the Lotus intercourse place but HATE sitting cross-legged? Hey, simply kneel! (No judgment right here!). Here’s just how to perform some Louise intercourse place – a variation for the Lotus that’s easier on your own human body.


He kneels regarding the sleep and sits on their heels while tilting ahead slightly. She straddles his legs and sets her arms on the partner’s shoulders. She lowers herself down onto his erect penis and he penetrates her. She squeezes her thighs to his hips while they start to have sex.


  • This place provides exact same heightened amounts of closeness due to the fact Lotus place – your bodies come in close contact and you are able to hug, kiss and touch one another throughout.
  • The Louise is Method less intense on the feet, sides, and right straight back compared to Lotus place.
  • She will bob up and down a lot more than the Lotus place, offering DEEPER penetration that is much!


  • As her weight is going to be on their thighs, this position could cause discomfort. Take to kneeling using one or two blankets or pillows to supply more padding and support.
  • This place now is easier compared to the lotus intercourse place but nevertheless requires a great amount of core security. If you should be struggling to keep balanced, try doing this place together with your legs or back contrary to the sleep backboard to get more support.

3. The Lotus Flower position

Then THIS is the position for you if you want to sensuality and tenderness of the Lotus sex position but with even deeper, harder thrusting!


The guy sits in a choice of the Lotus pose (hard) or cross-legged (easier). She sits on their feet like in the lotus pose and lowers herself onto their erect shaft. Along with her fingers covered around their neck or top straight straight straight back, she tosses her legs over their arms. He supports her by either wrapping their arms around her lower back or by clasping the most effective of her legs. They gaze lovingly into each eyes that are other’s they begin to have sexual intercourse.


  • This position provides all of the great great things about the Lotus intercourse place such as for example tactile touching and kissing but in addition provides REALLY DEEP penetration because of the place for the woman’s hips.
  • This place rocks ! for guys whom love DEEP, COMPLEX thrusting!


  • The caveat of the place is the fact that the man requires a large amount of chest muscles energy if he would like to maneuver their partner’s human anatomy while her feet are over their shoulders. To thrust REALLY profoundly, he must be strong sufficient to aid her fat during intercourse.

4. The Liana place

The Liana position brings another dimension to the Lotus sex position if you’re ready to step things up a notch!


He squats down on their tiptoes and embraces their partner as she appears dealing with him. She straddles his feet and squats down onto their erect user. She wraps her hands around his throat and top straight straight back as he hugs her. While maintaining her legs in the ground to assist because of the movements, they start to have intercourse.


  • This place supplies the excited, breathless, body-to-body bliss associated with the standard Lotus sex place with no vexation of getting to stay cross-legged. A win-win!
  • Since the woman’s foot remain on to the floor throughout, you may get an extremely rhythm that is great in this place with both lovers adding similarly to your intercourse.


  • Guys, there’s not a way in order to avoid this – squatting on your tiptoes is TOUGH – maybe even tougher than sitting cross-legged! I reckon that’s the cost you purchase much much deeper, harder penetration!
  • This place additionally calls for A GREAT DEAL of upper-body power on their component.

5. The Olympus

Prepared for the ULTIMATE form of the Lotus intercourse place? You’d better heat up because this can it be!


The Olympus has both a less strenuous and a harder variation – with respect to the guy’s power.

For simple mortals, the lady appears for a bed facing her guy, that is looking at the ground. She wraps her hands around their arms and then he hugs her waistline. Her, she throws her legs around his waist and he supports her weight with his hands under her knees when he’s ready to lift. She maneuvers onto their shaft that is erect and start sex.

The Olympus can begin in the Pitcher’s Mound position or as a regular seated version of the Lotus sex position for true olympians. While inside her, they can move their weight ahead and grab her by taking a stand directly. She wraps her legs around their legs in which he hugs her waistline whilst having intercourse along with her. For super-strong dudes, she can be supported by him with one supply while caressing her human body utilizing the other!


  • If you’re strong enough to attempt it, this place supplies the DEEPEST VIABLE penetration of every Lotus intercourse place variation!
  • With regards to the potency of clitoral stimulation, NOTHING even remotely comes near – perfect if you wish to give your lover a SQUIRTING orgasm!


  • Much like the Liana place, there’s no escaping the known proven fact that this position is TOUGH! You can easily practice near a wall surface in order that the man has many help here while he’s cam4 holding their feminine partner. This place is certainly never for the poor or perhaps the faint of heart however!
  • If you’re somebody who has to be relaxed so that you can climax, you can easily out rule this one!


If perhaps you were interested in learning the Lotus sex place, that is about all! This guide has covered all you could perhaps have to know about any of it amazing position – from simple tips to get it done, to how to orgasm, the most effective variants, and everything in between.

Hopefully, you’ll while away many pleased hours practicing so we wish you many effective sexual climaxes in your pursuit of pleasure!

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