Make The Most Of Today

by Robert Driscoll on November 5, 2009

the-perfect-momentToday, in many organizations, more than ever, salespeople are continuously being pushed to improve and increase their contributions to the top line.  They are asked to sell more in an ever changing and challenging marketplace while at the same time their customers are asking for twice the amount of service for half the price.  Salespeople today feel like they are being pulled in many different directions and are overwhelmed.

In times like this, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, take a step back, forget about what happened in the past, don’t worry about tomorrow and focus on what we are doing in the present.  We need to learn to seize the moment and focus on the opportunities that are in front of us. We should not be focusing on events from the past otherwise we will never be able to move forward.  When we seize the moment and live in the present, we are fully engaged and are open to new ideas.

In a book written by Joe Hyams, Zen in the Martial Arts, one of his chapters is called “Seize the Moment.”  In this chapter, he discusses the idea of living in the moment in everything one does in life.  Don’t allow concerns of the past, the future, or the concerns of others, distract you from what you are doing today to accomplish your goals and to take care of your concerns.  Learn to quit those people and tasks in your life that are creating roadblocks for you and are not helping you become successful.

If you are always worrying about concerns of the past or tomorrow, you can never truly live in the present and therefore you will never truly enjoy or make the most of what is happening in your life today.  Concentrate on what you are doing in the moment and you will find yourself making the most of today.

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