What I Wish I Knew More About in Sales #3: Managing Your Time

by Robert Driscoll on October 29, 2009


I wish I would have taken more sales training classes that focused on time management and sell cycle control.”

Joe Shea

Founder, Shea & Associates


Time is limited and scarce.  It is something that you cannot save for a later date.  Once time is lost, you can never make up for it.  Everyone has the same amount of time in the day to make offers, but it’s what you do with your time and how you maximize your efforts that will separate you from others.

Most people feel they have too much on their plate and therefore not enough time.  They’re too busy.  You have to make the most out of your time and therefore you need to learn to quit those things that are taking up too much time and start acting on those offers that can produce results.  You need to learn to prioritize your concerns.  Bad time management skills can overwhelm you as you try to take on too much and you start getting backlogged.  Overdue work starts interfering with current work and the snowball starts getting bigger and bigger as new work continues to be given to you.  Lack of time is blamed for too much stress, not being able to complete tasks or achieve your personal and professional goals.  The reality is that poor time management skills are most likely what has created your stress.

Time management is also important in your sell cycle control.  Not only should you prioritize your work “tasks”, but your sales opportunities as well.  Being too optimistic in sales can hurt you more than you think as you go after every opportunity.  You need to learn to quit opportunities that are taking up too much of your time and focus more on those that have a higher probability of closing.  You will find yourself becoming more productive using time management skills, tools and proper sales cycle control, as well as accomplishing more with less effort.

Proper time management will help you prioritize your day, your career and create harmony in your life.  Eliminating those things in your life and career that are not that important to you and planning your time wisely will allow you to do more things and have more time in your day.  So get rid of the feeling that you have too much to do and not enough time and start thinking that you have all the time in the world to focus on those things that are the most important to you.


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