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ActiveGarage is delighted to feature “defiant: Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times,” a  social media project from ActiveGarage and Rajesh Setty

defiant is a 90-page ebook filled with practical tips to help you thrive in tough times. Active Garage Mentor Rajesh Setty (along with contributions from 50+ smart people) helps you to look at this situation from a new perspective and make the most of the current situation.

The entire project was influenced and powered by social media. A few months ago, Rajesh reached out to people via his blog, LinkedIn Answers, Facebook and Twitter asking them to contribute one or two ideas/insights that will help people thrive in these times.

More than 50 people contributed about 80 ideas and insights. You can see these ideas in Appendix III of the book. We aregrateful to all the contributors

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Sneak Preview of Insights from the book


Tip #8

Understand that a layoff is not about you, it’s about a faceless economy and a company at the wrong scale. If you take it as a personal failure, it will take you longer to bounce back.

[Tip contributed by Seth Godin ]


Tip #17

Better know who’s in your network. Use a service like Plaxo, LinkedIn, or BatchBlue to collect your contacts’ work AND personal information. Create your own personal email address and start sharing it with your network, so the folks who want to contact you (and that you WANT to contact you) can do so long after the layoff.

[Tip Contributed by: Phil Gerbyshak ]


Tip #22

The antidote to fear of being laid off, is to be supremely positioned to get another job. That means that the most productive outlet for the fear is to work still harder to make sure your marketable skills are honed and up to date, that you have and maintain a great reputation as a contributor in the workplace, and that you are keeping in touch with your network (and keeping the connections alive) so that should you be laid off, you can commence the search for a new position at a healthier company without delay. Your skills, abilities and connections are something no-one can ever take away from you – keep those assets healthy and ready.

[ Tip contributed by Robert Sher ]


Tip #24

Have an inspiring plan B:  If you have a secret passion or an idea for a business that you always dreamed of trying — start now. The Internet offers incredible opportunities for starting micro- businesses and earning a living from home. It won’t happen overnight, but the quicker you start researching, prototyping and experimenting, the faster you will learn. It’s not about putting all your eggs in one digital basket — you can still work at your current job and if necessary look for other jobs, while developing your plan B in the evenings and weekends. Yes, it can take a lot of time and energy, but from my own experience it’s well worth it.

[ Tip contributed by: Mark McGuinness ]


Tip #33

Arm yourself with at least three essentials before meeting someone new: the person’s last three career moves, their latest project, client or article or blog post by or about them, and ways you might be able to help them.

[ Tip contributed by Promise Phelon ]


Tip #36

Explore creative work arrangements: Propose a 3-day or a 4-day work week, to help your company with their cost cutting initiative.

Use the spare day(s) to:

  • Develop and work on your plan b
  • Volunteer with a not for profit to expand your skills and network
  • Consult or share your expertise provided it does not pose a conflict of interest (Websites to checkout startupagents, elance or sologig).

[ Tip contributed by Michelle Awuku ]

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