Social Media and Tribes #15: A tribe of foodies – Connecting food to life

by Deepika Bajaj on October 6, 2010

I am loving the time I am spending in Delhi. Last week, I was in a meeting where I learnt about a site for foodies in India. A very fast growing segments of India’s exploding consumer market. I have to say, everyone in consumer business wants a piece of it. Add to it a a dash of entertainment (like movie reviews) and dash of Common Wealth games (restaurant specials) and you are looking at a tribe that is HUGE.

Lets back up for a second and let me build the picture for you. Delhi is a capital of foodies, a tribe that socializes, talks, breathes, worship’s and lives food. In this world, I was curious to find a site that really is like what we call Yelp in US. I knew that it is next to impossible that there wasn’t any such foody tribe in this part of the world. So, the mystery unveiled and I got to learn about Burrp

Here are some distinctions between the Foody tribe in US and Foody tribe in India:

  • Bollywood Prevails: In India, Bollywood is connected to everything. There is a section on the site “Flicks this week“, that links you to show times, buy tickets and write a review. This is definitely a cool strategy where a tribe views entertainment as part of their daily eating habits.
  • Roadside stalls: In India, many people like to explore dhabas which are called Roadside stalls (dhaba) for food. Many of these stalls have had their name to fame by serving mindblowing concoctions of food and recipes. Though the elite might consider this unhygienic food but you really can’t take out a DHABA from an Indian. So, roadside stalls find a spot at this foody tribe and has many hidden gems for the adventurous foodies.
  • Blah section: Then, there is the Blah section…now when you don’t know what you are talking about you need a blah section for people who don’t know what they are looking for. So, the site has travel tips, discount deals and many things that get under the blah section…so if you are foody and wanted to get a food related info but now don’t remember why you were here in the first place – don’t suffer – there is a BLAH section that will blow your mind away and get you thinking of things that you were not thinking of – perfect for a tribe that ties food to travel, movies and beauty…

So, this foody tribe is connecting with food and many things that derive the same sense of satisfaction like a good meal for its members whose universe is centered around their palate. What a foodyful experience….

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