Social Media and Tribes #5: Social by Intention

by Deepika Bajaj on July 7, 2010

I have been to many conferences and people often tell me that they are extremely scared of Facebook as it has the potential to tarnish your professional identity. But who would have thought that it will become a force for people who are searching for jobs. There has been a lot of talk about recession and unemployment. But the fact is that 90% people are still employed and social media has reduced the time needed to build really effective relationships.

Two myths about social media and career:

Myth #1: It is about sitting behind a computer:
This is NOT the case. It is a tool to build relationships and take it offline to build stronger relationships.

Myth #2: It can hurt your reputation
This is NOT always the case. You can actually be strategic and craft a reputation that fits your career goals.

How can you create a career by being social by intention?

  1. Create your Tribe: You can find conversations that are of interest to you globally. You can follow companies, job boards and list of employers on Twitter. You can also use directories like to identify users that share your interests.
  2. Share leads: The tribes are most effective when they can refer and recommend things that their tribe cares about. Share information and show others that you care about them. You can point your friends to opportunities that fit their profile. Search on Twitter and use hash tags to find relevant info.
  3. Reputation management: Be careful of putting very sexy pictures of yourself on your online profiles. Party pics don’t help either. Show up professionally dressed in online and offline professional events. Set up Google alerts on your name and make sure you are aware of what shows up on googling your name.

Careers don’t happen by an accident. Every action starts with an idea, a dream or a goal. The power of your idea, coupled with intention and strong action will lead you to reach your goals and far greater success than you imagined.

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