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Dirty Dozen #10 – Free Ride

by Rajesh Setty on October 22, 2009


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Dictionary definition:
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People love a deal. Look at the number of “SALE” signs in any store that you pass by. There is some sale going on – all the time

Sometimes it’s an “Opening Sale” and sometimes it’s a “Closing Sale.” It can be a “Re-opening Sale” or a “Close-out sale”

On Fathers’ day, it’s a “Fathers Day Sale” and on Mothers’ Day, it’s a “Mothers Day Sale”

On 4th of July, it’s an “Independence Day Sale.”

There is some sale going on all the time.

You can come up with your own concoction for a kind of sale.

As you get used to getting a bargain, you can try and extend that to get a free ride every now and then. After some time it can become a habit – looking for a free ride everywhere.

If you think about it, free ride does not “add up” as someone has to pay that cost somewhere. Yes, someone may be sponsoring and covering the costs to gain your attention. Whatever be the mechanics and the reasons behind someone offering you something for free, the point to note here is that YOU are getting used to having a free ride.

When you want something for nothing, the equation doesn’t add up.

Free-rides are too good to be true and anything that is too good to be true is just that. It is not real.

Rather than looking for free rides, start looking to pay a premium for things that are valuable. You will see a lot more opportunities there.

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Illustration by Ming. Ming is the creator of the Fantasy Story webcomic. He is also a freelance illustrator, designer, painting instructor and occasional luxury car salesman. Ming is based in Penang, Malaysia. You can find him on twitter @Artmaker