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I am in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking at the North Carolina Governer’s conference for women. My role is to represent the Asian American women who are 5% of the Total US population.

As I started to think about how to represent this segment, I realized that the American Media has clubbed a large diverse community into one and coined the term – Asian American. There are many sub-groups like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodians, Koreans, Thai and Pakistanis who are part of this community.

And then I started to think of this Tribe as they have come to be known Asian American women Tribe. I started to wonder about their engagement on social media. I did a bit of research and found interesting that there are a lot of channels and organizations that support this Tribe. And most of them  have presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

But here are some cool facts that about Asian American women tribe:

  1. Second largest ethnic group in terms of buying power: Collectively this group had $500 B in buying power in 2009 which is expected to be $700B by 2014. Now, lets look a cosmetic company Avon. They have an Asian American CEO so I wanted to explore how they market to this segment. They have a twitter channel like AvonNewsJPN (in Japanese). The CATCH:  Lack Twitter channels for the Chinese and South Asian community. The Opportunity: To engage this segment who has the buying power and is culturally oriented towards beauty products.
  2. 26% of the minority business owners are Asian American women: If you do a Facebook search with “Asian American women” you find a lot of results. But all these organizations are oriented towards artists, lawyers or philanthropy BUT very few towards business owners.THE CATCH: Business owners need to have presence on FB. The Opportunity: There is a need in this Tribe to build FB pages supporting Asian American business women owners to be able to connect and network among each other.
  3. One third of Asian American women feel they need to play their ethnicity down to succeed in the workforce : This came as a bit of a surprise BUT many studies point to it. The good news is that the other two-third believes that they “don’t” need to play their ethnicity down. I believe there is more emphasis that needs to be put on role models like Indira Nooyi, Andrea Jung and most recent South Carolina Governor Nicky Haley. The CATCH: “Your Ethnicity” needs to be viewed as an advantage. The Opportunity: More content online that speak to this segment in a positive way can help marketers build relationships to 5.3% of consumer market segment with the largest income levels.


This Tribe is ready for PRIME TIME – where they can feel the collective power and presence of their small BUT influential and affluent community.