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This is a Friday special from Active Garage.

You can watch movies for entertainment. Some movies provide NOT only entertainment but also pack some valuable lessons for your life, business or both.

Here are 9 lessons for entrepreneurs from the movie world.

1. Be Comfortable Being Unreasonable

People say you are not qualified to do this or  you are not qualified to do that. If you believe what “limits” others are putting on you, you will be reasonable. You have to be unreasonable

This is a clip from the movie “Erin Brokovich” where you can see an example of someone “being unreasonable” and being very comfortable being unreasonable.

2. NEVER give up on your dream.

Spoiler Alert: This is the ending of the movie “Shawshank Redemption.” So, please don’t click if you have not watched the movie and have plans to watch it.

You have to hope and dream for a new reality and never give it up even if it takes decades.

This clip is from my all-time favorite movie “Shawshank Redemption” where  you can find the above message as Rod reads Andy’s letter.

3. Believe that journey is where the magic is.

Language Alert: This is a song from a Hindi Movie. Some of you may not understand the song but I am sure you will enjoy the music. Also, the song will begin after 30 seconds of dialogue.

You feel that journey is on this path is far better than the destination. This clip is from the movie “Jab We Met.” (meaning “When we met.”)

Here is the first piece of the song.. (in Hindi)

Hum Jo Chalne Lage
Chalne Lage Hai Yeh Raste
Haaan Haaan
Manzil Se Behtar Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raste

Sort of translation to English:

We have started walking
Started walking this path
Yes, Yes
A path where the journey is better than the destination!

4. Put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential

This is from the movie “Hoosiers.” The clip is Gene Hackman’s motivational speech before the Regional Finals.

Your journey will take you many places but something that is totally in your control is to play to your FULL potential all the time.

Gene Hackman says –

“If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says, in my book we are going to be winners.”

5. Remember that stakeholders will be asking you to “Show Me the Money”

Whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not, the stakeholders for your business will see “revenue” and “profits” as metrics for measuring the success of your business. You have to show them the money.

This clip is from “Jerry McGuire.” Enjoy!

6. Fight for Every Inch.

Things don’t go as planned – “That’s what life is… six inches before your face.”

This clip is from the movie “Any Given Sunday.” Al Pacino delivers an inspiring speech where he talks about how winners win by inches and will fight for every inch.

Hat Tip: Raj Raheja from Heartwood Studios for suggesting this.

7. It’s Not How Hard You Hit. It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit.

It would be a miracle if your plans unfold the way they were laid out. It would be a miracle if you don’t find roadblocks on every other turn.

It is not about not having the roadblocks. It’s about what you do when you hit a roadblock that matters.

This short clip is from the movie “Rocky Balboa” where Stallone is advising the young kid about fighting and life.

The key message is just that –  “It’s not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit. And keep going.”

Hat Tip: Dr Mani for suggesting this.

8. Don’t Vanish Without a Fight

This short clip is from the movie “Independence Day.” Here Bill Pullman (playing the role of President of America) is giving an inspiring speech to the soldiers before they take on the Aliens.

9. Accept Outcome with Grace

When it is showtime, give your best but accept the outcome with grace.Winning and losing are part of the game.

This is a short clip from the movie “Bring It On.” Kirsten Dunst and her team will put on a show like no other in the final dance of the competition. Unfortunately they don’t win.

The grace with which Kirsten accepts the outcome and congratulates the winning team wholeheartedly is noteworthy.

Kirsten and her team did their VERY best in the show but when the outcome was not in their favor, they accepted it without questioning it and with utmost grace.

For those of you who really want to see the dance of the winning team, here it is – from the “Clover team.

Once again, Happy Friday to all of you.

Come and share with us what lessons you have learnt from the movies.