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I always dreamt of Traveling to Eastern Europe. There was something that lured me to it. I wonder if it was the culture, mystery or the beauty. So, last week when I landed in Prague, I was in a search of why this place gravitated me to it.

Prague is a unique destination where the Travel Tribe of the world converges from all over Europe and United States. This place offers a unique challenge to the travel tribe of currency exchange, (they don’t have Euro – still czeck crown), unrealibale taxi drivers and a lack of a source to find info on tourist attractions. If you are traveler, who plans little and waits for the place to unfold its mystery then you are getting my drift.

But most important feature, is how social media is being leveraged to promote travel to Prague which is totally renovated and almost is a breathtaking spectacle.

Here are some insights of how travel is being encouraged to medieval Europe leveraging social media:

  1. Trendspotting: A new report  recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center reveals that online travel booking in 2009 increased 77.9 percent, a growth rate that exceeds online shopping (45.9 percent), online banking (62.3 percent) and e-mail (29 percent). Many hotels are now part of websites like and to attarct visitors who have a certain budget. The current economic challenges in the market have allowed 3rd party travel agency websites to regain a larger % of online travel distribution.
  2. Bed and Breakfast: In 2009, the global recession from which we are still struggling to surface left us all short of cash, and it was thought that holidays would be one of the first luxuries to go. Not so. People didn’t necessarily travel less, they travelled differently, and, in fact, many of those who lost their jobs took advantage of the career break to fulfil lifelong dreams of travelling the world. All of this was good news for the B&B industry. At, only those who have made bookings are invited to share their thoughts, meaning all reviews are from genuine customers. Also, sites like took off as they offered places to share a room or sublet a room at a discounted price.
  3. What’s next: Aside from accepting advice online, more travelers will engage in creating, rating, and posting personal travel content online. There is no better place than Europe for finding cheap public transport like trains, trams, metros and buses…and they are safe.

So, if you thought travel is a luxury, think again…the new Travel tribe is taking travel to a new dimension…welcome to the connected world!