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Flexible Focus #37: Navigate with Nanba!

by William Reed on January 20, 2011

Introducing the Nanba Diary

Earlier in this series and an article called Mobile Mandala, we introduced an exciting new iPad Application called the MandalaChart for iPad, which is available in the iTunes Store.

That article introduced the concept behind the Mobile Mandala Chart, and now there is a site which not only introduces how to use the application with an English Users Guide, but also has a Contents section which will host templates and contents for the MandalaChart for iPad, helping you catalyze your creativity at a new level.

We are proud to announce the first of these templates, a set of 30 Mandala Charts for the iPad application called the Nanba Diary. These pages explain how the MandalaChart and Nanba Diary work for you.

Moreover, there will be other contents packages and coaching programs to follow!

Nanba: the Art of Physical Finesse

Of course before you can Navigate with Nanba, it makes sense to learn more about what Nanba is, a Japanese art with an amazing range of applications to enhance movements, which I call the Art of Physical Finesse.

This is distinctly different from the conventional approach to physical fitness, though it can certainly enhance it. I have already written extensively about this in my other columns, so I will include the links here and encourage you to explore this fascinating world made possible in the collaboration of the Mandala Chart with Nanba, the Art of Physical Finesse.

Moreover, I am using the Nanba Diary myself on a daily basis, and in combination with the Idea Marathon, and I plan to create further content including video podcasts to make this world all the more accessible.

Meanwhile, here is where you can go to find out more about how to Navigate with Nanba!

Physical Finesse. Discover how you can apply the Secrets of the Samurai to your Daily Movements.

Nanbanote. Videos, articles, and information about how to practice Nanba movements. Some of this is in Japanese, but there is also plenty to explore in English, particularly in the articles section.

Nanba: the Art of Physical Finesse. An article appearing on my Creative Career Path Column.

Nanba Webbrain. A 3D MindMap about Nanba, which will be a central source for downloading information about Nanba.

Nanba Diary. A way to integrate the Nanba Mindset and Training with the Flexible Focus in the Mandala Chart, especially if you are an iPad User. Not only that, it can also be another good reason to get an iPad!

iPad Creators Club. For all of the other reasons, by all means visit a new site and club which I have just launched. More on this to come as we launch it this week and put it into orbit.