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This thanksgiving I am giving thanks to the Tribe that came together to help me conceptualize and write my e-book “PINK and Grow RICH“. This e-book came out of my conversations with many successful leaders. While I was speaking to them, I felt something totally shifted in me – a sense of purpose. Why did this happen? I have no idea. But I knew that I wanted to bring to the world their insights so that others can feel the same “sense of purpose” that I had experienced.

Why this is a BIG deal?

Well! this eBook came about when I had no idea how I will connect with leaders and get their time to share their insights. I wanted to know what it took for these leaders to get where they are today. And so I reached out to my network if they would be willing to connect me with someone they thought was a leader. The first connection was  VP of Sprint, I spoke to her and she shared her insights. I asked her if she knew other people and she pointed me to three new people. It was a matter of time that I had spoken to 30 such cool people. And it was the gift of connection that the Tribe shared with me to get access to these leaders. The Tribe was motivated by the common goal and that is the essence of every Tribe.

So, after endless cycles of compiling the information and weeks of writing… the e-book is finally ready and launched on Active Garage under the new Resource section. 

The fascinating thing is that this e-book is a product of social media. All the introductions were virtual, the production of the eBook was virtual, the distribution is virtual and even the delivery is virtual. In this world, we are no more limited to physical or geographical limitations to collaborate and that is why the social tribes and social media are a force to reckon with…. the question that beckons is:

Are you ready to be in the Tribe?

Who in the Tribe should read this book?

  1. If you see yourself as a person who has one valid reason for not to be who you could be from all the possibilities in this world, this simply means you have become REASONABLE and this e-book is for you. You will get an UNREASONABLE Rule Book that outlines 11 UNREASONABLE RULES for success.
  2. If you are someone who does not seem to believe that you have the characteristics of a leader. This eBook offers the 6C Framework – 6 Common characteristics of leaders. This will help you unleash your leadership potential and become responsible for your dreams.

So, get your Thanksgiving gift soon and share it with people who you want to help live a life of their dreams.