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Social Media and Tribes #13: Social tribes connecting Youth

by Deepika Bajaj on September 22, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that I am currently visiting India. It has been an awesome experience. New Delhi in the recent times has become a melting pot of different cultures. More importantly, it has been interesting to note that students from all over the world are now coming to India to study. This is especially fueled by an organization called ISAC (India Study Abroad Center). There are many programs you can participate in – Rural and Public health rotation, community development and clinical rotation and many more. The youth all over the world comes to India and forms a tribe based on their specific interest and joins a specific program.

I met a few students who are part of this program and it was interesting to note their perspective and motivation to come to India. Some really formed a tribe based on their specific interest, some formed a tribe based on their place of origin and some formed a tribe based on their necessity to save money as students. The most fascinating was the tribe formed on their common interest to socialize.

Well! Imagine the scenario, you land in a foreign country, you don’t know many people, chances are you might not be able to communicate with locals (since in Delhi most people speak English it is not that difficult if you know the language – still communication can be difficult) , very few people look like you and you are probably getting ripped off by the vendors since they might believe you are a tourist.

But the inherent desire to socialize, date or even party with other people is present in most youngsters. So, how do they find an event that reminds them of the music of their country and gives them an opportunity to socialize…they use Facebook.

Here is how it happens:

  1. Euro Nights: This is a concept which is very popular. You just find out about all the upcoming parties on the Euro nights Facebook pg. Each event is named as Italy Euro night, Brazil Euro night or Poland Euro Night. The music is mixed but brings out some special tracks keeping the theme of the night in mind.
  2. Make Friends: When you meet people at these events, you use your cell phones to note their names. Voila! they are your friends the next day…connect over FB.
  3. Feel like a superstar: They have cameramen at these events who take pictures with your friends and then add those pics on FB to the specific event you were attending. This takes care of two things – you don’t have to carry your camera and then if you forgot who your had met it reminds you of that person when you see the snap. I need not mention, it feeds your ego of having friends of all genres and nationalities.

I am amazed at how these events are shaping the culture of Delhi which was very isolated just a few years ago…Social tribes are phenomenon championed by the youth as they inhabit a boundless world on cyberspace and on the ground. Welcome to the connected world of young and daring….