The skill of execution

by Himanshu Jhamb on May 18, 2009


As I embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, many thoughts come to my mind. I find myself questioning what is entrepreneurship and what makes an entrepreneur.

Over the past couple of years I have been in the midst of entrepreneurs and noticed how they go about doing what they do. I quickly learnt that it is not their ideas but how they act that makes them entrepreneurial. They are skillful in how they execute on bringing their dream to fruition. Here are a few insights I gained about the skill of execution by observing them in action:

1. They Act… to enroll: They are very good at enrolling others in their vision. They enroll mentors, teachers, investors & partners. After all, one needs as much help as one can get while setting up a business.

2. They Act… quickly: This is something that they do consistently. They do not sit back and mull over ideas or wait for a groundbreaking one to hit them. Instead, they execute as quickly as possible on their current ideas and let the future unfold.

3. They Act… tenaciously: They tenaciously act in the pursuit of their dream and keep carving until they achieve what they set out to achieve. They are not deterred by the result as they accept & acknowledge the possibility that the result might be different from what they imagined at the beginning.

I am sure you are beginning to see a pattern by now: It is around the two words – “They Act”. In order to succeed, they need to act effectively. That requires skillful execution and one can become skillful in execution through practicing and learning… and this is good news for me!

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