Week In Review – Aug 10-16,2009

by Magesh Tarala on August 16, 2009

Data Isn’t Information

by Wayne Turmel
August 10, 2009

In the lightning fast-paced work world, data is constantly flowing. We have all kinds of tools that allow us to get the numbers/project status/debugs anywhere in the world in seconds. The problem is not with the delivery of data, it’s how it’s processed and turned into action once it arrives. Read this article to find out how to attach context to data to turn it into meaningful information. More…

Producing Good Decisions… consistently!

by Thomas Frasher
August 11, 2009

Decision making for entrepreneurs/business owners can be difficult, time consuming, arduous, fractious and distracting.  This article discusses a method for clarifying decisions and streamlining decision making. More…

Check your ego at the door!

by Michael Markey
August 12, 2009

If a person cannot learn, they cannot progress as a person. In this article, Michael discusses an experience early in his career that left a significant impression on him. He still recalls this lesson time and again. More…

You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate

by Robert Driscoll
August 13, 2009

We’re always negotiating whether we realize it or not.   It’s a part of our daily lives with our family, friends, colleagues and customers. Read this article about how to learn to do a better job at it. More…

Profile of the Ideal Strategic Acquisition Candidate (privately held company)

by Steve Popell
August 14, 2009

In a previous Active Garage post, Steve discussed the importance of ensuring that the sale of your company is a strategic, rather than a financial, one.  In this article he presents the prototype of the strategic “hot property.” While the strategic assets that are most valuable will vary with the industry and the individual buyer, comparing your company’s strategic profile with this ideal can help you to begin the process of building its strategic value. More…

Upcoming SIPA Event – Leveraging the power of Social Networks

by Magesh Tarala
August 15, 2009

Over the last several months, the role of social media has dramatically changed. No longer are social sites like Facebook or You tube or Twitter used for exchanging trivial content. Large companies are shifting their marketing dollars from traditional marketing channels to social media. Learn about how you can  Leverage the power of Social Networks – Promote your product, your business or yourself at the upcoming SIPA event. More…

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