Week In Review – Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2009

by Magesh Tarala on September 5, 2009

It was a momentous week for us at Active Garage – We released our first project Defiant!. It comes at a perfect time when we all need help surviving in tough times. Hope you all had a chance to download the eBook and benefit from it.

More projects are being actively tinkered on in our garage! Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.

Announcing Defiant! – A Social Media Project

by Rajesh Setty August 21, 2009

We launched an eBook by Rajesh Setty, Active Garage’s mentor. More than 50 people contributed about 80 ideas and insights. If you like the book, PLEASE spread the message about the book and help us by helping others. The eBook can be downloaded here.

Social Media: A dangerous Opportunity

By Himanshu Jhamb September 1, 2009

Social media can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it, just like a knife can be if you run around with it without a purpose in mind. Read this article about how to view social media. more…

Be socially responsible with your Social Identiy

By Guy Ralfe September 2, 2009

Your innocent use of social sites could potentially provide key information to criminals to utilize against you. This means that we have to be conscious about how we configure our accounts on these sites and responsible with what information is shared through which channels. more…

Protect Your Business & Avoid a Disaster

By Robert Driscoll September 3, 2009

Your company’s data might be your most valuable asset, and with our ever-increasing dependence on IT systems and digital data, it is becoming even more important to protect it in the event of a disaster. more…

3 Pre-requisites to Spot Great Opportunities

By Vijay Peduru September 4, 2009

Why do some people always seem to find new opportunities and new solutions, while some don’t. We all know that the first step is to keep looking. But sometimes even if we keep looking, we cannot recognize opportunities. Read this article to find out what is needed to spot great opportunities. more…

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