Week In Review – Aug 3-9,2009

by Magesh Tarala on August 9, 2009

Hello everybody! Moving forward, we will post an article on Sunday recapping the past week. Here is a summary of the past week’s posts.

The Likability Factor

by Himanshu Jhamb
Monday – August 3, 2009

ilikeyouEven though your sales pitch is not picture perfect, your customers may still accept you offer. Why? Because they like you. This article introduces the concept of Likability Factor (LF). Get familiar with the concept, understand the benefits and learn how to improve yours. More…

Leveraging Comfort

by Yakov Soloveychik
Tuesday – August 4, 2009

leverageassetsYou have captured the Attention of the customer and they expressed Interest in listening to your offer. And, your sales pitch has spurred their Desire to act to accept your offer. But you have difficulty when it comes to the customer Acting to close the deal. Why does this happen and how can you guide your customers in the final stage of making the deal? Learn about the traditional AIDA methodology and the new AIDCA methodology. More…

Upbeat Review

by Guy Ralfe
Wednesday – August 5, 2009

UpbeatIn this economy, it is easy to fall into a state of despair where things simply don’t seem to work, no matter how hard you work and the media serving a daily doze of incessant reminders on the gloom and doom in the world of business, nowadays. In trying times like there, we all need help on how to stay Upbeat. Active Garage’s mentor Rajesh Setty’s book Upbeat provides just that – powerful help on how to stay Upbeat! More…

My Computer Got Infected By The Swine Flu

by Robert Driscoll
Thursday – August 6, 2009

SpamWe are all aware of this contagious disease and the struggles that people and governments have been going through the past few months to keep it at bay. Spammers capitalize on people’s fear and infect their computer with a Trojan to steal passwords and track key strokes. This article provides insights on how to safeguard your computer by taking some simple common sense actions. More…

9 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Entertainment World

by Rajesh Setty
Friday – August 7, 2009

Read this Friday special from Active Garage mentor Rajesh Setty. Movies are not for entertainment alone. We can learn very valuable lessons that can be applied to the entrepreneurial world. More…

Are you capitalizing on your most powerful emotion?

by Naveen Lakkur
Saturday – August 8, 2009

love-cardsLOVE is an emotion we are all familiar with. But do we apply it where it is necessary? Read this great article about the effect this simple emotion can have on your life. More…

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