Week In Review – Dec 27, 2009 – Jan 2, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on January 3, 2010

Entrepreneurial lessons from Amritsar

by Himanshu Jhamb, Dec 28, 2009

While on vacation in India, Himanshu visited the holy city of Amritsar. Himanshu’s meetings and interactions with Mr. Ajay Kapoor, owner of the hotel he stayed in was educational. One of the biggest secrets of Mr. Kapoor’s success is that Relationships matter big time! By providing individual attention and putting care and love into every interaction, Mr. Kapoor has been able to establish a competitive advantage. The adage for entrepreneurs should be “Love your customer like you love thyself!” more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Timeless content produces disproportionate returns

by Rajesh Setty, Dec 28, 2009

Producing timeless content is difficult, but that’s how you can distinguish yourself from other bloggers and ensure the longevity of your blog. Blogging about fleeting moments is natural, but spend time to think about the underlying “message” and uncover the insight. What’s hot now is a trap and avoid it at all cost. Creating timeless content provides you ways to “re-use” the content – create e-books, wrap into published books, create speaking topics, etc. more…

Social media in 2010: Relationships matter more than ever before

by Deepika Bajaj, Dec 29, 2009

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a really SERIOUS year in social media marketing. The environment and structure is in place that will allow better utilization and management of marketing strategies and resources. So, you will see more marketing dollars pour into social media. What is significant for you is to realize that you need to take SOCIAL in social media seriously.  Ultimately it all boils down to people and relationships. This year, make it your goal to become competent in listening on social media, keep your promises to your customers and build long term relationships. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Your blog needs tipping points

by Rajesh Setty, Dec 29, 2009

Unless you are a celebrity, you cannot achieve instant success in blogging. It takes a lot of work and it takes time. In order to build traffic to your site over time, your strategy should include creating tipping points at regular intervals. But there is no surefire method to create tipping points and so you have to try, learn, change and execute again. Read this article and learn from the expert’s own path to blogging success. more…

Making Expensive Sales or Lucrative Relationships

by Guy Ralfe, Dec 30, 2009

Every individual in the sales team must realize the impact of social media. Sales organizations cannot continue to view each transaction in isolation. Because of the power of social media, any interaction could potentially have global and long lasting impact. In this article, Guy narrates the travails his friend had to go through while trying to get possession of a new car. Because of the bad experience, his friend has committed to not going back to the dealership for any service which is loss of future revenue from a single customer. More importantly, he is going to provide negative reviews about the dealership on online forums. This means loss of revenue from potential customers in the future and also adversely impacts the entire network associated with the dealership for as long as the review is online! more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Older blog posts go dead fast.

by Rajesh Setty, Dec 30, 2009

Blogs age and decay pretty fast, unless you create timeless content that stay relevant for a long time. Once you do that, you can give new life to your older posts in several ways – you could publish a book of collections of posts, categorize and highlight most popular ones, publish an e-book, etc. Like in life, you can use age to your advantage. If you are one of the first to write authoritatively on a topic, you will gain many links. On top of it, if you bring real thought and insights to the conversation through and early post, you will be regarded as the go-to expert. more…

Are You A Partner or Opponent In the Marketplace?

by Robert Driscoll, Dec 31, 2009

The marketplace is highly competitive. Common thinking is that only the strongest survive. This may breed the thought process where we are are always in the “adversarial” mode. We think constantly about beating up our opponents and being aggressive. This may help you survive, but may not produce the most beneficial outcome for you and your customers. Changing our mindset from an opponent to a partner can help in making you a trusted advisor to your clients as you seek to create solutions that are specific to their concerns. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: You don’t have to fight this alone

by Rajesh Setty, Dec 31, 2009

You can leverage ideas and insights from others to strategically add great content to your blog. Here are five specific ways:

1. Interviews with Experts

2. Write Book Reviews

3. Host Blog Carnivals

4. Host Blog Tours

5. Invite Guest Articles

Of course, you can come up with a dozen more of your own. But always ensure that whoever gives that help gets more than what they give. more…

Should we fear change or embrace it?

by Vijay Peduru, Jan 1, 2010

Fear of change is part of human instinct. It was necessary for survival of the primitive man and it is stuck in our genes. Avoiding change is detriment to our progress. So, how do we embrace change? Can we be audacious to make it enjoyable? The answer is Yes. Just like any other skill, we can learn to do it by a technique Seth Godin calls Zooming. It is a practice where you deliberately introduce change in your everyday life – listen to different topics, eat different foods, meet somebody outside of your area of expertise, etc. As you imbibe this practice, you will begin to be less fearful of change and may even start enjoying it. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Sustainability – Blogging is easy to start but hard to maintain

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 1, 2010

Millions of people have blogged, but very few have the staying power. There are not too many people who have over 1000 posts to their credit. There are a number of reasons for this, but basically it is because blogging is difficult. The flip side is, you will have less competition in the long run. If you are in for the long haul, think of yourself as a CEO of the blogging business venture. This will help you strategize and organize the components necessary to make your venture a success. more….

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