Week In Review – Jan 3 – Jan 9, 2010

by Magesh Tarala on January 10, 2010

If it ain’t broken, break it!

by Himanshu Jhamb, Jan 4, 2010

In this post Himanshu reflects on this quote from Tom Peters, one of the contributors to Seth Godin’s recently released e-book What Matters Now. This is a risky proposition because it involves not accepting the status quo and engendering change – and people are resistant to change. Unless you accept this call for action, you cannot escape mediocrity and you will be stuck adjusting, compromising and coping. Make this your new year resolution! more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Slacking has consequences

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 4, 2010

It is your blog. Yes you own it and you can do whatever you want with it. You can choose to leave it idle for a while, but what is worse is to add filler content. But remember, your readers have a choice too – to visit your blog again or never to visit it! So, make each post worthwhile to your readers. In life or on your blog, you can get serious results only when you are serious about producing them. more…

Business Valuation for the sole practitioner in divorce: Watch out for Double Dipping

by Steve Popell, Jan 5, 2010

Excess Earnings Method is the most commonly use approach to valuing a sole practitioner’s practice in family court. Unfortunately, an often substantial portion of practice earnings is counted twice in a court settlement: first, in the valuation of the practice and, second, in determining support payments. In this article Steve illustrates this through and example and explains how to avoid it. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: When you stare at a blank screen..

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 5, 2010

Bloggers are writers too. So, it’s common to have writer’s block. When you are in this situation, you may be tempted to post create sub-standard content. Don’t do it. Instead you can ask up-and-coming bloggers to do guest posts, interview authors about the topics of their books, etc. Realize that if you are not contributing to the signal, you are contributing to the noise. more…

Important or Urgent First

by Guy Ralfe, Jan 6, 2010

This post is inspired by a quote from Henry Kissinger about how governments should prioritize their work. The same holds true for management too. Always evaluate tasks on these two dimensions which produces four categories. Once you put your tasks in these four buckets, you will be able to prioritize work and further more it will help you identify pure time wasters! more…

BLOGTASTIC!: You can get carried away

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 6, 2010

Ideas are easy, but execution is difficult. When you start blogging, you will have a ton of ideas and you may go overboard by creating multiple blogs – one for each area of expertise, for each book, etc. Many who do this lose steam in a few months. So, before you get carried away on the multitude of blogging initiatives, think about your personal capacity to keep up the work. more…

Author’s Journey #3 – What should you write about?

by Roger Parker, Jan 7, 2010

You should write about what you are passionate about. But at the same time you should also consider what your ideal reader’s desired change is. Ultimately your market is your market that determines your book’s success. Read this article about Roger’s 3-step process for taking your choice of book topic to the next level. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Blogging can seem like a thankless job

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 7, 2010

In spite of you mastering the 3R rule (Recurrently provide Remarkable and Relevant content), you may not get any tangible returns. Your readers may not even be giving you feedback – Think about how many times you have provided feedback on blogs. In order to be thanked for your blog, your posts should not just be good – they need to be outstanding. Also remember, once your blog reaches a tipping point you can expect disproportionate results. more…

The Difference Between Balance and Harmony

by Robert Driscoll, Jan 8, 2010

Everyone wants balance and harmony in their lives. How is that possible? Forrest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Reflect upon it for a minute. You cannot avoid challenges in life. The way to achieve harmony and balance in your life is to quit fighting or dealing with opposing forces. But instead embrace it. Accepting the challenges that come to you in life and working to improve the areas that bring you joy in life will open up the space for new possibilities  which in turn will make your life more fulfilling. more…

BLOGTASTIC!: Attracting and maintaining reader attention

by Rajesh Setty, Jan 8, 2010

You may resort to certain tactics to increase traffic to your blog. This may include creating a viral video, making a controversial statement, etc. But the effects of these will be short lived. In order to have a large readership on a sustained basis, you need to build an identity that is very powerful through your accomplishments outside of blogging and provide valuable information that is of high relevance to your audience. more…

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