Week In Review – Nov 1 – Nov 7, 2009

by Magesh Tarala on November 8, 2009

Your customers want more… so give them less!

by Wayne Turmel on Nov 2, 2009

The Web has changed the way we buy and sell our products. When we make a major purchase, we research the product thoroughly on the internet. Armed with the knowledge of what exactly we want, we go to the brick and mortar retailer and compete the deal quickly. But when we are selling something, we don’t necessarily recognize this in our customers and continue to do business as usual. We make them sit through elaborate presentations that may not be of value. Instead we should focus on finding out exactly where they are and what information they are seeking. Customers want more from us than ever before, they just want less of us in order to accomplish it. more…

What I Wish I Knew More About In Sales #5 : Don’t Take It Personally

by Robert Driscoll, Nov 2, 2009

Rejection is part and parcel of sales. But if you take it personally, it will sap your energy and will continue to impact your ability to move forward powerfully. You need to get past the rejection quickly in order to become productive and effective. Rejection may not always be a setback, if you are having a conversation with your customers about solving their problems instead of doing a “sales pitch”. more…

Rules for the sake of Rules

by Himanshu Jhamb, Nov 3, 2009

There are rules in all organizations and they usually have a purpose. But if rules are observed blindly, especially in customer service organizations, it will turn customers away. In this article, Himanshu narrates a recent experience he had at a national retailer. The service representative refused to even hear his request. Even if a customer’s request cannot be fulfilled, there is no rule that says they should not be listened to. In fact it should be a rule to always listen to the customers, no matter what the request is! more…

Branding – Your brand is being created with or without you

by Laura Lowell, Nov 3, 2009

Customers now have the ability to provide feedback in a very public fashion. Rather than call the toll free number listed on the product, they often post their views on online forums. When this happens, we can engage with our customers or remain passive. The former option enables us to deal with the situation effectively while the later “head in the sand” approach will allow issues to snowball and tarnish our reputation. Laura suggests some techniques we should adopt to proactively manage our brand online. If we don’t follow these, our brand may be created online without us and we may not like the consequences. more…

Can you Trust your Gut?

by Guy Ralfe, Nov 4, 2009

In life and business, we are faced with situations where we have to make decisions based on somebody’s verbal commitments. Without an audit trail, they can refute they made those commitments. In these cases we can analytically deduce if the person can be trusted. This is usually base on previous behavior, mutual respect and future value. But when analyzing complex problems the human brain has serious computational limitations. In such cases, the gut can be trusted, provided we have the expertise in the field. more…

Branding – Infuse passion in your brand

by Laura Lowell, Nov 4, 2009

It is a lot easier to do things that you like than those that you don’t like. Typically the things you like to do are the ones you are good at – these are your “core competencies”. These are fundamental things that your customers value and that your company does better than any of your competitors. HP is a prime example of this. Their core competencies are the things that HP people are passionate about – innovation is what they are about. How do you identify your passion, your core competencies? Read more…

Make The Most Of Today

by Robert Driscoll, Nov 5, 2009

These are challenging times for many of us. There is tremendous pressure to perform at higher levels. This is especially true for salespeople who feel like they are being pulled in so many different directions. In times like these, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, take a step back, forget about what happened in the past, don’t worry about tomorrow and focus on what we are doing in the present. When we seize the moment and live in the present, we are fully engaged and are open to new ideas. more…

Branding – Your brand lives both online and offline

by Laura Lowell, Nov 5, 2009

There is a perception that online communication is radically different from offline communication. While the tactics may be different, the objective, tone and purpose are exactly the same. You may have heard of people having a successful online presence that is radically different from their offline presence. This is an anomaly and not the rule. We are familiar with offline conversations because we have been having these all our lives. We should extend the same kind of behavior to our offline presence. more…

Titanic and the power of storytelling

by Rajesh Setty, Nov 6, 2009

Most people are familiar with the Titanic. Yet James Cameron made an incredibility  successfully movie watched by millions of people. Everybody knew the ending – the Titanic was going to sink. But why did they watch a three hour long movie that they know all about. This is the genius of James Cameron and his team’s power of storytelling. The question is How are you using the power of storytelling in your life and/or in your business? more…

Branding – The mechanics of Branding

by Laura Lowell, Nov 6, 2009

The purpose of a brand is to enable you to sell more stuff. We all know a powerful brand when we see one. In this article, Laura discusses the three essential ingredients required to build a brand, namely Brand Personality, Brand Message and Brand Identity. more…

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