What a Project… Is Not

by Himanshu Jhamb on June 19, 2009

Many a times, I encounter the word ‘Project’ thrown around, rather liberally. I am writing this post in an attempt to dispel certain notions of ‘A Project’. So, in a way, this post is not about what a project is: Rather, it is more about what a Project IS NOT!

Here are 5 things a Project Is not:

1. A task list or something that you do repeatedly day-in and day-out. Example: Generating a weekly report for a customer is not a project (although many would have you think so)

2. Having someone do a task for you. Example: If you delegate someone to prepare a document for you, that is not a project.

3. Thoughtless (or thoughtful, for that matter) activities with no Purpose in mind. Example: Sitting and thinking about your next project, is not a project.

4. Something that you do to ‘Cope-with’ with or ‘React-to’ a situation. Example: Meeting with a group of people at your workplace and talking about how to tackle a difficult customer issue, is not a project.

5. Some work you do that has no relevance towards a commitment you have made. Example: The act of showing up at work and not producing ROI (Return on Investment) for your employer, is not a project.

Projects are created for the purpose of handling new situations, which if left unhandled, would turn into unfavorable situations.

Projects become more and more relevant in the face of rapid changes in the environment because the old ways of doing things no longer produce results that are satisfactory.

More on what “projects” are… in my upcoming post(s).

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